From being nothing to a Young Reputable Entrepreneur/Author – Steven Phillippe narrates his journey with Honor

“By investing in your surroundings by seeking mentorship through personal development and conferences. By showcasing your talents to the world and putting your content out to the public. Compete with yourself every day you wake up to be a little better than you were yesterday, and you will continue to grow each day at whatever you do.”

Steven Phillippe Introduction

Steven Phillippe is an incredible writer, a resourceful entrepreneur, and an inspiration for all fellow businessmen. At such a young age, he managed to hold eight productive years of experience in sales which led him today to become a winning businessman. Gaining knowledge with such an amazing journey, Steven earned a great deal of respect in the industry. Many companies come to him to get the thrusts in the market. Being passionate about his work, Steven helps them in every manner and pursues them towards success.

Besides being a triumph in the business world, Steven Phillippe has made a great name in the market of authors. His book “Break Through Featuring Steven Phillippe: Powerful Stories from Global Authorities that are Guaranteed to Equip Anyone for Real Life Breakthroughs” made a huge success in the market. Working with Les Brown, Nik Halik, and Johnny Wimbrey, the best three experts in the personal development industry, helped him a lot through the journey. Currently, Steven is working as an Entrepreneur Magazine writer through which he inspires and pushes individuals and organizations to achieve their aims and further expand them.    


How did he begin?

Coming from a working family, Steven Phillippe faced serious issues regarding finance. Seeing his parents financially broken motivated him to follow such a path that will not show the same result as his parents. To change his family’s legacy and create a bright future for his family, he began trying to reach the goal of becoming wealthy. However, while studying for a degree, Steven soon realized it’s not gonna help him reach where he wants to reach and quit it. After that, he devoted his total concentration on entrepreneurship as well as invested in personal development conferences. During those conferences, Steven learned a great deal of knowledge on how to gain achievements in life in various industries. In the first year, he earned more than $100,000 in sales and a lot of other profits by working with some companies.

After getting a lot of experience in sales, Steven Phillippe started writing about different perspectives of the industry. Being an impressive writer with an approach to the business world gives his writing a unique plus effective vintage point.    

Future Plans

As an entrepreneur with a continuous passion for improvement, Steven is looking forward to expanding and enhancing the quality of his brand in the next five years. Moreover, he wishes to be an inspiration for others by creating ways of producing more value and income for other brands. We wish him the best of luck to achieve his goals!