France Sets Ambitious Goal to Attract 30,000 Indian Students by 2030

In an announcement on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), French President Emmanuel Macron unveiled an ambitious plan to welcome 30,000 Indian students to France by the year 2030. Macron, who is currently in India as the chief guest for the Republic Day celebrations, outlined the details of the initiative, emphasizing the creation of new educational pathways, the expansion of language-learning programs, and streamlined visa processes for former Indian students.

Expressing determination to achieve the ambitious target, Macron detailed the measures that will be taken to make France an attractive destination for Indian students. The initiative “French for All, French for a Better Future” will be launched, introducing new pathways for learning the French language in public schools. The network of Alliances françaises will be expanded, featuring new centers for learning French. International classes will also be established, enabling students without proficiency in French to join French universities. Furthermore, the visa process will be simplified for Indian students who have previously studied in France.

During his announcement, Macron highlighted the benefits of choosing France as a destination for higher education. He underscored the pursuit of excellence, citing the impressive presence of French universities in global rankings. With 35 universities in the QS ranking and 15 in the Times Higher Education ranking, France aims to offer a world-class education to international students. Macron invited Indian youth to participate in the exchange and cooperation between India and France, fostering trust and friendship.

As the chief guest for the Republic Day celebrations in India, Macron engaged in various cultural and diplomatic activities. He shared a cup of tea with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Jaipur’s famous Sahu tea stall, a moment symbolizing the warm relations between the two nations. Macron’s use of UPI for payment at the tea stall also showcased the embrace of digital transactions and technology.

Macron and Modi’s roadshow in Jaipur witnessed a large turnout of people, reflecting the warmth and enthusiasm of the locals. The leaders visited Jantar Mantar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, emphasizing the historical and cultural ties between India and France. Macron’s visit to the iconic Amber Fort and interaction with school students further highlighted the commitment to cultural exchange and strengthening bilateral relations.