Four Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing Skills

Whether you’ve always secretly harbored aspirations to become a published writer and consider yourself, if your potential is untapped, as the new J.K. Rowling, or else you’re simply interested in learning new skills when it comes to writing, either way, you’ve clicked on the right article.

Continue reading to discover four interesting and productive ways to improve your creative writing skills.

1. Improve Your Aptitude at Time Management

The discipline to work to your own schedule and indeed, to ensure that you hit deadlines, is of paramount importance, regardless of whether your ultimate aim is to become a professional writer, or else write as a side hustle.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which you can work to improve your time management skills, including the following:

  • Start to categorize and prioritize your tasks
  • Keep your desk and writing equipment organized and in one place
  • Learn your own personal productivity patterns and maximize them
  • Give yourself regular breaks from writing but only for a short period each time

2. Seek Feedback from a Variety of Sources

Not only does seeking feedback mean considering asking professional writers in your local area, or else even attempting to contact them via email, for their advice on your ideas and your style of creative writing, but value can also be found in asking your friends and family, too.

Feedback is the only way and indeed, an incredibly effective way, of being able to improve your work by listening to an objective, third-party reader and more often than not, listening to feedback will only serve to improve not only what you write, but your writing style too.

3. Write When the Mood Takes You

When writing to a set deadline and indeed, when you depend on writing as your primary or only income, there seems to be no such thing as “writer’s block” and furthermore, many successful full-time writers actually claim there to be no such thing.

However, as a creative writer, either in the context of a hobby, or else whilst you start to make a name for yourself, you may still experience a complete lack of inspiration, and this is why you should always carry a notebook and pen around with you. In addition, invest in a surprisingly affordable refurbished iphone 12 unlocked, so you can make extensive notes when you’re on the go and seamlessly send them to your laptop computer so you can continue your work.

4. The Three-Act Structure

Obviously, creative writing is an exceedingly subjective and personal thing and even some of the great classic novels in the entire history of English literature can still divide opinion.

However, when writing a story for any medium, whether it’s for books, movies, television, radio, or for the stage, following the three-act structure (setup, confrontation, and then resolution) is a basic must.

More accurately, remember that the difference between each act should never be overtly obvious, rather seamlessly linked through subtext and context from one act to the next.