Four vital Spotify promotional tips for artists in 2023

Music streaming platforms have changed music promotion as they are now essential marketing tools. Spotify is one of the most popular streaming platforms today, and every artist needs to take Spotify promotion technics seriously. This platform has about 80 million tracks and 165 million subscribers.

The Spotify platform is a fertile ground for music marketing. It is a goldmine for music makers with the amount of traffic on the app. 

Artists need to identify the opportunities the app offers

Additionally, they need to know how to make optimal use of the platform.
This post will share tips to help artists promote their music on Spotify. Continue reading!

1. Vital promotional tips on Spotify

Uploading songs on Spotify exposes artists to millions of listeners. These listeners cut across different regions and demographic. Artists need to employ viable tactics to reach as many audiences as possible. This piece will highlight some of these tactics.

2. Create an artist profile on Spotify

Spotify gives room for the creation of an artist account. It is crucial and differentiates an artist from a listener. The platform puts a verification badge on artist accounts to set them apart from listeners. This badge also makes it easy to find artists on the app. It is what differentiates real artists from parodies.

It is easy to have an artist account. All an artist should do is get on the platform and sign up on the Spotify for Artists page. The verification badge gives artists legitimacy and access to be on playlists.

3. Promote Spotify on social media

Creating an artist profile is where it begins, but it does not stop there. The Spotify account needs listeners to boom. Social media promotion is one way of increasing listeners on Spotify. Artists can let their followers know about their Spotify.

This strategy works perfectly, especially for artists with a large following on social media. It is a way of converting social media followers to Spotify listens. Social media promotion can make a Spotify account go viral.

4. Constant activity on Spotify

One crucial trait seen in the most successful artists is consistency. Engaging fans and listeners on Spotify is vital. Artists looking to improve their reach on Spotify need to keep their fans entertained. Regular music releases will help artists remain consistent. The releases should, however, not be done at short intervals to avoid burnout.

No artist, no matter how talented, can do it alone. Collaboration is a potent marketing tool that exposes an artist to the fan base of the other. It is a win-win situation for both parties. Artist collaboration enhances Spotify metrics. Artists need to collaborate within and outside their niche to improve their reach. Many artists are just a collaboration away from their breakthroughs.

There is no denying that platforms like Spotify are crucial in the modern music world. It is a platform that makes artists popular. Given the numerous benefits of the platform, many still struggle with it. The tips in this article will help artists weather the storm on Spotify.