Former Bugatti Designer Camilla Kropp will be Joining HiPhi Sensorial Design Center

Former Bugatti designer, Camilla Kropp will be joining Human Horizons as Senses Creative Chief of HiPhi Sensorial Design Center (MSDC). HiPhi is a premium brand that is created by Human Horizons. Human Horizons describes itself as a technology company that majorly focuses on “smart vehicles, smart transportation and smart cities”. The brand plans to develop a range of machines for the growing Chinese premium EV market, featuring advanced autonomous systems and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication. These machines will be designed for both private owners and shared use.

The radical electric SUV concept HiPhi 1, which was revealed in mid-2019, will be the first production car under the HiPhi brand and is expected to reach production by the end of 2020. And the car is said to be delivered to the market in 2021. In order to increase the sustainable nature of Human Horizons’ EV products, the brand has used vegan leather and recyclable materials for the HiPhi 1.

The company in a statement said, “As technology is one of the key attributes of the HiPhi brand, it opens the door for the design team to leverage all senses to create a unique emotional experience.”

Camilla Kropp, who possess extensive experience in Color & Trim will be reporting to Nicolas Huet, Vice President of Design and Head of HiPhi Design.

Speaking about Kropp’s appointment, Founder and chairman of Human Horizons, Ding Lei said, “Colors and materials should spark emotions, create space and atmosphere, enhance individuality and help to meet intricate human needs. Her experience with super-luxury hypercars as well as her expertise with cross-border design is a great fit for the HiPhi brand.”

Kropp who graduated from the Royal College of Art in London possess nearly 20 years of automotive design experience. She joined Bugatti as the Color and Trim Designer in the year 2013.