For the second time in a row: Ariel Lavi qualified for the Lift Off Filmmaker Film Festival final on behalf of Pinewood Studios in London With a new film from another country

The International Film Producer, Screenwriter and Actor Ariel Lavi continues to break records in London and around the world. After qualification the Lift Off Filmmaker Film Festival of the Hollywood Studios – Pinewood Studios studios that produced the James Bond films with the film he produced in Mexico Metanoia out of 212 films all over the world, he make it again and this time with the film he wrote and produced in Nigeria “Dangerous Silence” out of 411 films all over the world. An extraordinary success on a global scale – qualifying twice in a row for the final with 2 films from 2 different countries at the same festival is a success that we didn’t know in the film industry for many years. With Metanoia he won the highest number of audience votes but did not win the festival itself. This time with Dangerous Silence he won fourth place in the number of audience votes. 

The story tell about Lila, the 18-year-old , works outside of school hours in prostitution to support herself in the shadow of poverty in Africa and is sexually exploited by two men in their 30s – Chiumbo and Gathee. Chiumbo is unstoppable, and exploits her with all his might without a conscience. Gathee, on the other hand, feels bad about himself and tries in every way to convince her to change jobs and is afraid to go out against Chiumbo. When he does this to his great sorrow, it’s too late, and Lila is accidentally murdered by Chiumbo when Gathee tries to save her from him.Will he win the festival this time? Yes or no, he continues to do things that have never been done.

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Joel Woodley

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