Five Mistakes Made By Meena Harris In Building Her Personal Brand

Vice President Kamala Harris’ 36 years old social-media-influencer niece Meena Harris is doing all wrong to create her personal brand. She is busy showcasing unethical behaviour to quickly achieve success and use others’ power to establish herself as a brand.

Meena, a lawyer, entrepreneur, and social media influencer came into the limelight when her aunt was named the US Vice-Presidential nominee. A White House legal team has even cautioned her for not “building her brand” by using the US Vice President’s name. This is indeed not the right way to create an authentic personal brand.

In my opinion and based on various events; Menna Harris is trying her best to build her personal brand as soon as possible, and in this haste, she completely ignored some major personal branding principles and made the following mistakes:

Mistake No 1.
Rushed the Process: Timing is the most important thing when it comes to branding, and definitely, you should know how to take advantage of the right timing. Also, it is imperative not to be desperate for success. But, Meena seems quite desperate and in haste as well. Her latest book, “Ambitious Girl,” was released the night before her aunt Kamala Harris was sworn in as the first female vice president and woman of colour in the White House. She should have waited; the world clearly understands why she launched her book just a night before; she had a lot of time to launch her book gracefully some other day. 

Mistake No.2
Putting Others Down: Meena Harris submitted her support to the farmers’ protest- bashing the Indian Government, due to which she faced backlash on social media. First of all, she should not have interfered in other nations’ internal matters, and she should have picked better words and checked facts before showcasing her opinion if she was so concerned. 

Mistake No. 3
Forgetting Brand Story: The one thing I think Meena has completely done wrong is that she has completely forgotten her personal brand story. Your story is what people want to know, but at the moment, it is only a brand story of a desperate niece of the US Vice President not a story of lawyer and social media influencer. 

Mistake No.4
Not Respecting Rules & Regulations: Meena has taken this quote too seriously “You are remembered for the rules you break.” She seems to have forgotten that she is a lawyer by profession; she should understand the law and respect the designation of the “Vice President.” In her desperation to build her brand, she has been seen using Kamala Harris’ name on many occasions for personal benefits and that’s the reason the white house has even warned her –  

In an interview, a White House official said, “Some things can’t be undone.” The White House official added, “That being said: Behaviour needs to change.”

The White House’s legal team has reportedly told Meena Harris not to “build her brand” by using the US Vice President’s name.

Mistake No.5
Not Understanding Personal And Professional Life: Lastly, she seems to be completely forgetting that Kamala Harris is now elected vice president of the United States of America and not just Aunty Kamla….. Being a Vice President of any nation is a job of great responsibility not just for the person but also for others associated with the person. Meena is trying to encash the situation rather than showing respect and reverence to her aunt’s position. This is not some play; such an attitude of Meena can even bring her vice president aunt a bad name.