Filmmaker Jay Nadtochiy at Miami Beach Polo

The Spring season in Miami always brings exciting moments and dynamic events. It is the time when the temperature just begins to rise up, the cool air at the beach feels soothing, and an electrifying polo event starts up on Miami Beach. Each year, a big energetic crowd gathers on South Beach to enjoy the thrills and opulence that come with the exclusive game of polo. The event attracts all types of audiences including polo aficionados, families, beach lovers, aesthetic sunset seekers, and even celebrities. Let’s have a look at what visitors can experience at World Polo League in Miami beach through the lens of filmmaker, Jay Nadtochiy.

About the Miami Beach Polo Cup

Miami Beach Polo World Cup is the world’s largest and most renowned polo event that is produced by Lifestyle Polo and organized by Melissa Ganzzi and Tito Gaudenzi. The event is a wholesome dose of sports and entertainment with ultimate luxury. Imagine you are standing in Miami Beach facing the sparkling blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and there is a spectacular a polo field where the elite athletes like Nic Roldan and Pablo Mac Donough are showing their skills and playing professional shots. Next, you pass by special guests Anna Kendrick and Sterling Jones as you take in the seasons latest fashions on display. This is a glimpse of the amazing scene that continued for three days from April 29 to May 1, 2022.

Miami Beach Polo League has over 120 horses and 24 best international polo players who exhibit outstanding polo tactics during each polo match. Tito Gaudenzi, the president of Lifestyle Companies and organizer of Miami Beach Polo said, this year’s League was an incredible and entertaining multi-day event because the best polo players showcased their truly amazing skills. 

The popularity and eminence of this event can be measured by the fact that it draws a global audience of more than 12,000 visitors. The energy of thousands of fans makes this event phenomenal. Furthermore, guests can visit the retail village to indulge in art, polo gear, artisan items, and polo decorations on exhibition and sale.

How does Miami Beach look during the Polo League event?

If you want to take a look at the whole event through an expert’s camera lens, visit Jay Nadtochiy’s youtube channel and his Instagram. He is a master FPV Drone pilot and filmmaker. Experience Miami Beach Polo World Cup for yourself through this youtube video by Jay Nadtochiy. Be sure to view his previous work for the Aspen World Snow Polo Championship. Visit his Instagram and enjoy his work. 

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