Fil-Am Celebrity CEO Geoff Jimenez Hosts Loida Nicolas-Lewis Book Launch in Los Angeles

Home health and lifestyle icon Geoff Jimenez supports and celebrates businesswoman Loida Nicolas-Lewis as she launches her memoir.

Celebrity CEO and philanthropist Geoff Jimenez hosted a book signing and meet and greet on Friday, April 21, 2023, for the release of Why Should Guys Have All the Fun?, a personal memoir written by business icon Loida Nicolas-Lewis. Loida is sharing her long-awaited life story as an immigration lawyer, a business woman, a wife, a widow, and a mother.

As the new owner of the Miss Filipina International pageant, Geoff Jimenez is passionate about using his platform and resources to help and empower women. By highlighting Loida’s incredible achievements with her recent release, he is proud to honor and support her world-changing accomplishments.

“It is my absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to spend this afternoon with you as we honor Loida’s incredible hard work and resilience as she tells the story that has inspired countless people across the nation,” said Geoff in his welcome speech. “As a fellow entrepreneur, I am so proud of the ways in which Loida’s successes have helped uplift different communities, showing people that their dreams are not only attainable, but also that they won’t be alone in their journeys to achieve them.”

In her exceptional new book, Loida inspires the next generation of businesswomen as she tells the tumultuous tales of her experiences as an immigration lawyer in New York, her husband’s untimely death in 1993, and her eventual rise to the head of his multibillion-dollar, multinational conglomerate. As she led the company into record levels of success with her sharp business acumen and a precarious balance between difficult business decisions and warmhearted compassion, she proves that guys should not be the only ones having all the fun when it comes to entrepreneurship. This uplifting memoir shows readers how Loida’s hard work and incredible resilience have helped her to achieve extraordinary accomplishments.

“Love animates everything,” Loida explains in response to a question about the key takeaways of her book. “We are supposed to love each other, but we also need to love being patient, love being kind, and love not being selfish.”

With the honor of hosting this event, Geoff is more than ready to amplify Loida’s messages of love and helping others. He is a firm believer that helping other people and motivating them to be the best versions of themselves fulfills his higher purpose. With so many projects currently in the works, Geoff is truly living his greatest American Dream of using his resources and his platform to create a better tomorrow.

This sophisticated event marks the beginning of Geoff’s transition from the home health industry to the lifestyle industry. He is ready to help people on a more global scale, and he will be hosting many more international meet and greets throughout the summer. As an entrepreneur, he is often challenged by countless simultaneous priorities that demand his attention all at once; however, he will be using this upcoming summer to show his gratitude to different communities and truly connect with people around the globe.

As Geoff inspires people to achieve their life’s greatest dreams, he also makes sure to provide them with different resources and opportunities to truly guide them to success. As a philanthropist, he is proud to donate to many different charities, especially those that help with health and care services for the elderly population. In addition, Geoff has been using his companies to create job opportunities to help mentor different people. With his incredible generosity and compassion for those around him, Geoff is honored to help others achieve success and to have the opportunity to celebrate those successes with them.