Fiji Song Review: A New Vibe from Artist and Businessman, Mattykevs

Mattykevs’ music has always been pleasing to the ear. Songs like On My Way, I Like You, and I Know had over 43,000 streams and numerous listeners in 2020. Many admirers claim that his songs are typically chill, and anytime he posts on Instagram, people flood his comments with fire emoji’s and good feedback.

Let’s talk about Fiji.

ZkiTheSauce, an up-and-coming musician, appears as a featured artist on the track by Mattykevs. The vibe of the instrumental quickly captured me at the start of the song. In terms of instrumental style, it gave off an island vibe, and I instantly wanted to jump up and dance. This is a tune that could easily be played at high-end nightclubs all around the world.

When I first heard the song’s chorus, I felt it was intriguing, with a unique rhyme structure and melodic tone. Then comes the first verse. The flow pattern remained steady throughout the verse, and the voices melded beautifully with the auto tune effect. I always respect producers who can correctly mix and perfect vocal tracks. As a fellow producer, I understand what it takes to create an ear-pleasing track that is also radio-ready. A song’s quality may make or ruin a record.

The song’s second stanza is my favorite since it has a vocal melody that reminds me of a younger Drake, but with a more modern twist. It does, however, have its own distinctiveness with the catchy adlib, “tiktok,” which is repeated throughout the record to create a new vibe.

I like imagining what musicians are thinking while writing tunes. What was the artist’s state of mind? Was the concept something that came to them right away, or did it take some time to come to them? Was the song inspired by someone close to them? These thoughts struck me while listening to Fiji. The song’s words were direct and expressive, making the tune easier to understand.

In conclusion, I believe that the song is a record that many new fans may love. Currently, the single has over 48,000 Spotify streams, and Mattykevs has thousands of monthly listeners that enjoy his music. He’s also a big hit on SoundCloud.

Fiji is a laid-back tune by Mattykevs with a distinct instrument pattern and a groovy rhythm. The artist and entrepreneur is presently focusing on expanding his brand and assisting other aspiring creators and influencers in their endeavors. Check out Mattykevs’ projects on the platforms mentioned below to hear more music.

To know more about Mattykevs don’t forget to follow him on Instagram @mattykevs and you can listen to his music on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube.