Figueroa Watkins – Ceo of AktiveNLA and Celebrity Dog Breeder

Figueroa Watkins is a celebrity dog breeder and CEO of AktiveNLA, Los Angeles ,CA.

Hello Figueroa Watkins, Welcome to ABOUT INSIDER! How long have you been Dog breeding?
The Correct way only like 3 yrs.

How dog you get into the dog game?
I had a few mentors and I saved my work money and my part-time weed selling money lol.

Who was your first dog?
Nae-Nae great B!+%# she gave me my stud boy Chapo.

Speaking of Chapo how old is he?
Just over 2 yrs.

How much money have you made?
Hmmm in 2yrs at least over 200k

What’s next for you?
More dogs lol

What’s your future plans in dog breeding and where do you see yourself?
I am moving toward the Exotic Fluffy Frenchies, i mean that’s were the big moneys at and that’s what it’s all about right??

To know more about AktiveNLA check @aktivenla_kennels1 and don’t forget to follow Figueroa Watkins @ceoaktivenla