Feel better about yourself and your life with Melrose’s new single “Feel Good Now”

Melrose has a new song out now called “Feel Good Now.” Within a few days of its debut, the song became extremely popular. With thousands of streams available, it is now extremely popular on the internet. Melrose put a lot of time and work into this song.

Melrose’s latest EP consists of three songs. Each of the three tracks is intended to make the listener feel good. Because the songs are so appealing, it’s no wonder that you’ll want to listen to them again and over again.

Melrose’s masterwork, “Feel Good Now,” is truly stunning. He has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is unlike any other artist. With the song’s flawless production and processing, Melrose’s record company, Rumor Records, has surpassed itself.

You can listen to “Feel Good Now” here:

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