Fashion Model Ruth Orevba: The New Face Of Pia Gladys Perey

November 2020, New York City, NY – Professional model and style purveyor Ruth Orevba recently teamed up with dress designer Pia Gladys Perey. Together, they came up with a killer photoshoot, specifically conceived for a campaign to promote Perey’s designs, in the backdrop of one of the world’s most iconic cities. New York. Somewhere between classic and modern, Perey managed to create a stunning collection of dresses, which feel timeless and utterly iconic. Ruth is the perfect model to showcase these wonderful dresses, and the photoshoot reveals her natural, playful attitude, which oozes personality and charisma. Pia Glady Prerey has designed dresses worn by worldwide icons such as Angelina Jolie, as well as Demi Lovato, and Courtney Lopez, only to mention a few. Her approach is all about combining timeless elegance with a fresh modern outlook, giving her work an exciting contemporary feel.

Ruth Orevba’s background in the modeling world is also extremely noteworthy. In 2017, she was actually crowned “Miss Rhode Island,” catapulting her to the forefront of the national modeling world and beyond. She has modeled for some of the world’s most respected and widely recognized brands, with an impressive portfolio and an international reach to boast. Ruth Orevba is currently affiliated with MMG, one of the world’s leading modeling agencies. With her innate charisma and magnetic presence, she is a perfect fit for Pia Gladys Perey’s work and vision, and this photoshoot exemplifies the chemistry between the model and the designer.

Find out more about Ruth Orevba’s modeling, and check out the stunning new dresses designed by Pia Glady Prerey, who specializes in an incredibly broad range of items. From wedding outfits to cocktail dresses, anything goes!

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