Fashion Lovers Adore 13DE MARZO, And Here’s Why 

As mass production of trendy clothing continues to grow, fashion lovers search for boutique brands that offer something new and innovative. Lack of individuality in clothing only feeds the desire to find something different. Many fashion lovers recognize the creativity, time, and effort put into an excellent and unique garment. As a result, love and appreciation for a brand that is creative and well-made grows fast. One brand that has been collecting fashion lovers all around the world is 13DE MARZO.

13DE MARZO is a highly curated and personalized fashion brand committed to creating high-end street fashion that combines nostalgia with edgy and bold designs suitable for young adults. The brand stands out because their designs feature a detachable teddy bear – a futuristic space bear, who comes from the planet 13 light years away, called Marzo. The bear’s motto “Love Is All Around” is the perfect embodiment of the brand’s mission to connect individuals to the clothing they wear.

13DE MARZO has marked its place in high-end streetwear by creating out of the box pieces that are not only unique, but also very well made. The brand encourages consumers to express themselves through fashion and discover their personal style by stepping out of their comfort zone. 13DE MARZO’s Ready-To-Wear clothing follows this philosophy by combining garment-making and tailoring with bold and abstract ideas. Many pieces include several different fabrics in a patchwork manner and include a detachable teddy bear, making the clothing three-dimensional and eye-catching.

Over the past couple of years, 13DE MARZO has become known and loved for its collaborations with popular brands that cater to children including Care Bears, Looney Tunes, and Sesame Street. These collaborations feature the characters of both brands in a variety of high-end street fashion designs, suitable for young adults. These collections showcase the warm colors and characters associated with these childhood brands in a modern and trendy manner. This way, consumers of the brand can express their personal style with unique pieces that combine the past with the future.

13DE MARZO has also collaborated with NASA and League of Legends, proving their creativity does not end with stuffed animals. In an oversaturated market of merchandise, these futuristic collections offer fans pieces that are original and three-dimensional, while perfectly embodying the essence of these brands.

13DE MARZO’s rapid growth in popularity is just further proof of fashion lovers’ thirst for unique pieces to add to their collections. The success of these collaborations showcases the appreciation young adults have for fashion brands that are innovative, take risks, and make a statement without fear. In addition, the brand’s high-quality clothing makes for a great investment as consumers know they can wear and love any pieces they purchase for years to come. Creativity is at the core of 13DE MARZO’s business and fans of the brand are happy to pay premium prices for clothing that helps them express their personality and style.