Facebook Metaverse and EU Metaverse

Our editorial office has got exclusive news from verified sources, that Mark Zuckerberg invited the founders of the EU Metaverse project to a special meeting. They will be the European Metaverse World (a replacement for the Facebook Meta project in Europe) and will help keep EU citizens’ data on servers in Europe. EU Metaverse is the virtual world of the European Union – a breathtaking 3D project, the project is currently in the crypto ICO phase at a price of $ 1.15 USD for one EUME token. Facebook alone plans to invest over $ 100m in this project. The only problem is that EU Metaverse is rapidly planning an Open Reality model and they are ahead of the Facebook Meta project in terms of quality, 3D avatars. This gives them a big advantage and their token is expected to grow to over $ 100 USD in less than a year. All information about this cryptocurrency can be found at: https://www.eume.io/. All the recommendations for purchase, this is probably the best investment for cryptocurrency in 2022/2023 at the moment. You can find more about the EU Metaverse project here: https://eumetaverse.io/

EU Metaverse also has a very original NFT collection that is not yet in the mint phase, but great collection values ​​are expected. The address is as follows: https://opensea.io/collection/metaverse-vip-club The collection represents 27 presidents and monarchs of EU countries. The 3D models are very convincing, original and a huge value of over $ 50m is expected.

The conclusion of this article is that Mark Zuckerberg always has an alternative solution, he does not go into confrontation, but puts EU leaders in a situation to put their finger on the head and the whole situation leads to absurdity. So long live Facebook Metaverse – long live EU Metaverse!