Expand Your Home By Creating Beautiful Outdoor Entertaining Areas

When we first move into a new home, it often feels so spacious and we wonder what we are going to do with all the room we have. Then we start shopping for beautiful treasures to add to our home, and space begins to fill up. We’ve got lots of closets to store things, so we seem to rarely throw anything out. When stuff does start to accumulate it seems like a monumental task to tackle the stacks of paper or sort through everything, so it just builds up over time.

As we went through the pandemic times, available space in our homes really reached a critical point. Our house very quickly became not only where we lived, but had to serve as our office space and our kid’s classroom too. Dining room or kitchen tables were pressed into service as office desks, and the children’s bedroom became the Zoom workstation location. Houses that were already filled with too much stuff now felt intolerably small. Fortunately, there’s a beautiful solution to adding more room when you create a wonderful outdoor entertaining and living area.

Create an Outdoor Stage for Your Entertaining and Enjoyment

The first thing you’ll want to do to open up the outdoors and transform it into a venue for entertainment and enjoyment is to build a new deck. This will give you a defined space that is perfect for entertaining and hosting family and friends. And on nights when no one is coming over, you and your immediate family can enjoy this great outdoor space too.

When you work with an experienced contractor, they’ll have drawings and options for many different designs. They can get all the necessary permits so your project can get underway soon, and you’ll be able to choose between composite or pressure treated lumber decks.

Furnishing Your Beautiful New Outdoor Area

We are all used to sitting in the typical deck or patio furniture, which usually consists of folding chairs or lounges. These are very inexpensive but they don’t give you the comfort or elegance that you truly deserve. If you want to really enjoy the great outdoor space you’ve created, invest in some beautiful outdoor furnishings.

You’ll be able to find some beautiful outdoor chairs, a lovely comfortable sofa and can even add a big table for dining and hosting too. These new additions will turn your deck into a wonderful outdoor living and dining room.

Add an Outdoor Gourmet Kitchen

If you want to make your backyard even more of a fun gathering place, add an outdoor gourmet kitchen. A top of the line barbecue grill, a couple of stove top burners and a pizza oven would be ideal. Round out the kitchen with a prep area, a sink and an outdoor refrigerator.

With a fun kitchen, people can gather round while you cook and enjoy samples of the great food and gourmet items you are preparing. They’ll also be able to choose the favorite toppings for a custom pizza you can make for them.