Exclusive Interview with Bizhan Shaban

At the start of the week, we conducted an exclusive interview with rising star Bishan Shaban, in which we asked him interesting questions about his life.

Hello Bizhan, Welcome to ABOUT INSIDER!
Hi, Thank You!

How are you feeling, you are getting rapid popularity among youngsters?
I am feeling blessed, I always work hard to make my fans happy and satisfied, because they are my strength. 

What is your date of birth and place of birth?
I was born in Afghanistan on Jan-1-1998, I grew up in Afghanistan and later I moved to the United States of America.

How did you get more than 10 thousand followers on Instagram?
I started Instagram when I had no knowledge of it, I was just posting my pictures and I realized people were asking me about my fitness and dressing always, that was motivating me to post my new pictures and videos so my basic strength is my fans and lovers.

What are your hobbies?
My hobbies are horseback riding, swimming, gym, reading, video game, and road trips.

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