Excellence and Convenience: Choose These PDFBear Tools for Your Daily Needs

PDFBear is the online software that will allow its users to convert, preview, or even add passwords to their PDFs on the go without any hassle. This platform is the easiest to use because every process is achievable in a few clicks. You only need to upload your files, edit them, wait, and download the documents. If you wish to use some of its tools, here is the information that you need to know.

PDF to Word
Each day, people are given tasks like copying and pasting that they wish they should not spend most of their time avoiding compromising their productivity.  That mentioned tasks are easy to execute, but repeatedly doing them will consume all of your time before going to another job and finish your list.

If that’s the case for you, we’re bringing the good news because PDFBear will offer its conversion feature to ease your life and help you with what you need. The software we want to talk about is its PDF to Word conversion tool, which avoids users’ hassle of copying any content and giving them more time to finish their daily tasks.

What is this conversion tool? As you can read, the PDF to Doc online tool will allow people to download and convert any PDFs into editable ones like the Word format. There won’t be any more hassle in copying or pasting content from a document into another file because this PDFBear tool can extract any information and place it into a new file and look precisely like the original one. If you are now wondering how it works? Below are the easy steps you might want to follow:

  1. Choose any PDF and place it in the conversion tab of the website.
  2. This conversion tool will begin the extracting and scanning process of the text or pages from the PDF.
  3. Please wait for it to be finished.
  4. When the Word document format is ready, you can start downloading it.

PDF Reader
If you consistently use PDFBear, you don’t need to use or find other online software if you wish to read or view your PDF documents. The PDF Reader tool will allow users to easily view or preview their PDFs, edit them or apply the necessary changes, and print them after. As a SAAS platform, you are always welcome to view any PDF documents on your computer or mobile devices without the need to download or purchase any tools.
This PDF Reader will make your life easier if you want to preview your files on the go, and managing, such as printing, sharing, or editing your documents, is four clicks away. Start using it now, and below are the steps you might want to follow:

  1. You can drag or upload the PDF document into PDFBear’s preview tab.
  2. This online tool will show you the document you uploaded in a format that you can quickly view.
  3. Right now, you are allowed to print, share, preview, or edit your file if you wish to.
  4. To use the newly converted or edited PDF file, click the “Download” button.

Password Protect PDF
This new and revolutionary PDF protection tool is the latest technology and method of protecting or adding passwords to your PDF document. By uploading any documents in file formats like JPG, PPT, Excel, or even Word, PDFBear will convert them into PDFs and allows you to add any password that you want to them. Others might not have the right tools to set the password to their files, but this one will make the process fast, easy, and simple, and your PDFs will be protected in no time.

The service PDFBear offers is also the quickest and most reliable method in keeping any document private and confidential. To protect the users’ files, they will have to upload them into the website’s conversion tab. After that, they can already add the password of their choice. After setting the password and applying the changes, you are confident that those files are 100% encrypted. If the process is still not transparent, follow these simple steps:

  1. Upload or drag the PDFs to PDFBear.com.
  2. Fill in the password.
  3. Click the “Encrypt PDF” button.
  4. Start downloading the file to your PC.

PDFBear is the most reliable online software that many people use today. In addition, it offers multiple PDF managing tools that will make it easier to handle thousands of PDF documents at once. So, if you want an online tool that doesn’t require you to pay for using it and no more additional software needed to download, PDFBear is the perfect one for you!