Everything You Should Know About Body Wave Sew In

As the most preferred hair texture in wigs and hair bundles, body wave hair definitely offers a variety of styles and looks for women.

Although body wave sew in have its shine, without proper maintenance, hair can become dull and loose waves. So after you get sewed in, the maintenance routine begins. And there are two major types of body wave sew ins, human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair offers a more natural look and lasts longer, and costs more than synthetic hair. So it requires time and energy to invest and keep the hair alive and shiny.

Before we dive into talking about how to care for body wave hair, we first need to find out what body wave hair is.

What is Body Wave Sew In?

Body wave hair has a variety of loose curls, a loose “S” shape like one’s curvy body, and is complimented by soft and very loose curls. And this type of hair is loved for its ability to achieve many styles and easy maintenance. So it is best for people to change their daily look without spending a lot of time and energy. For more information about body wave hair, you can check out the body wave hair guide.

Can body wave sew in getting styling?

Body wave hair is loved for its versatility in styles and looks, so it’s perfect for someone who prefers to change styles frequently. If you have body wave hair sew-ins that are made from human hair, you can of course heat style the hair and color it if you don’t like the original hair color, but process the hair. Better to keep doing it. Low heat and chemicals. Because using heat can affect the waves and even age of hair bundles, and dying hair is not only dirty work but sometimes dulls hair.

After styling your hair, you can add tea tree oil to the leave-in conditioner, spray it on your body wave hair and massage your scalp periodically for complete absorption. Helps you stay away from frizzy and dry hair and scalp. Especially in autumn.

You can use foam wraps or mousse to bring life back to your waves and fix the style.

How To Bring Back Waves In Body Wave Hair?

There are some simple methods for you without any professional products and skills. And of course, you can go to the salon and ask the experts to change your hairstyle and re-bounce your hair, but it will probably cost a lot more.

Here are some simple steps:

1. Keep your hair on foil to keep your desk clean and get better results. First, you can wet the hair, and then you can use some oils like pure argan oil, tea tree oil, and olive oil to prevent the hair from drying out. But we recommend that it’s best not to use too much oil unless you plan to do a deep conditioning treatment.

2. You can then use a small tooth comb to separate the hair and sew through the roots and style the hair into an “S” shape similar to body wave hair. .

3. In the last step, let your hair air dry and wait patiently.

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