Everything You Need To Know Before Moving To South Carolina

South Carolina or SC, is well known for gorgeous weather, stunning beaches, and magnificent mountains, which makes it a popular choice for people looking to relocate in the US. There is also a rich and diverse history and many attractions that appeal to all age ranges. Whether you want to move with your family or start your professional life, below is everything you need to know before making the move to South Carolina. 

Choosing The Perfect City  

Whether you prefer big city life or want to live in a small town with a sense of community, SC has an option for you and your family. Moving to a lesser known city can be a more affordable option whilst still getting all the benefits of living in SC. If you want to be close to Myrtle beach, consider moving to a city nearby, such as Florence. This will save money on housing while still having access to the best beach in SC. 

Florence is a large city within the North East, which is a prime location for families and couples. The house prices in Florence are more affordable, so you can get more for your money. If you need some assistance looking for homes for sale in Florence, EZ offer a great home search tool on their website. This allows you to search for real estate in Florence by price range or map view. Their real estate agents can assist you with finding the right home when making the move to SC and can help you with everything you need to know before moving here. 

There Are Tons Of Job Opportunities

The Palmetto State is a great place to move for professionals looking for job opportunities. The job market here is flourishing, with jobs available in a variety of sectors such as automotive, tourism, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, and aerospace. 

As tourism is a big deal in SC, the restaurant scene is huge, with plenty of jobs in hospitality and entertainment. There are also many top companies to work for, such as Hilton, Samsung, Bosch, and Nucor all located in SC. The University of South Carolina also has many opportunities for those in the education sector. 

The Weather Is Warm

Weather can really impact your living situation, especially if you partake in a lot of outdoor activities like golf, running, or yoga. For those who live in colder climates, SC is a breath of fresh air. Snow is rare here, with mild winters. The summers are hot and humid, which is great if you love the heat. 

If you enjoy being outdoors and spending summer time in your backyard, SC has the perfect climate for you. Be warned though, the first summer you spend here may come as a surprise, as humid weather brings thunderstorms and the occasional tornado. 

SC Is Home To Amazing Beaches

What could be better than finishing a day in the office and heading straight for the beach? SC is home to amazing beaches and stunning coastline views. Myrtle Beach is by far one of the most popular beaches in SC, with 60 miles of stunning white sand and fun attractions for adults and children. 

You can also find golf courses and amazing restaurants along the coastline. Try your hand at surfing or diving, or take part in a game of volleyball on the beach with friends. No matter where you move to in SC, a great beach won’t be far away. 

The Food Is Tasty

When you come to SC, you cannot leave without tasting their signature barbecue sauce. Each town and city has their own variation but one of the most common choices is a mustard-based barbecue sauce. This is a superb choice for your ribs and will have you falling in love with the true taste of SC. 

The South Carolina Barbecue Trail has over 200 different barbecue restaurants to try if you fancy a new barbecue flavor every weekend. Each town and city has its own tradition when it comes to food, but some of the best staples you have to try include shrimp and grits, fried chicken with waffles, and homemade sticky buns. You can also find cuisine such as Caribbean, Gullah, and a marvelous seafood selection. 

Taxes Are Affordable

Not only are homes affordable in many of the cities across SC, the taxes are reasonable too. This makes the state a hotspot for seniors looking for a comfortable retirement. The citizens of SC are lucky enough to get low property taxes, especially when you compare with other states across the US. Also, SC do not tax Social Security benefits or charge inheritance and estate taxes. No matter what age you are, everyone can benefit from paying less taxes. 

Golfing Is Popular

If you are a regular golfer, SC is the state for you. It is home to some of the greatest golf courses in the country and there is bound to be a golf course within driving distance, no matter where you choose to buy a home. 

The best places to consider moving if you are looking for golf is Charleston or Aiken, which is home to the second oldest golf course. Myrtle Beach is another popular area, with almost 100 golf courses located along its coastline! Whether you want to play with new friends or take part in tournaments, SC has golfing opportunities galore. 

Bird Watchers Have Plenty Of Opportunity

Moving to SC can bring many different opportunities, including the chance to try bird watching. The state is home to over 430 different species of bird, from Ravens to Northern Gannets. The wildlife here is exceptional, so expect to get your binoculars out whilst walking along the beaches or hiking across the mountains. 

There are many great parks to enjoy bird watching, with Huntington Beach State Park and Savannah National Wildlife refuge being some of the best hot spots for local birdwatchers. 

The Culture Is Diverse

Perhaps one of the most famous parts of SC culture and one that many Americans are not aware of are the Gullah. The Gullah were enslaved Africans that took home in the Lowcountry regions of Georgia and SC. They wish to preserve their cultural heritage, so tend to live in their own communities and many Gullah citizens still speak their native language. More than anywhere else across the US, the Gullah culture has influenced SC, from food to music. 

Be Aware Of Alligators

Alligators are a common sight across SC, due to the hot weather and amount of fresh water. This can be pretty cool if you’re into spotting animals out in the wild, just make sure you understand alligator safety and don’t try jumping in the river where gators swim, or try to feed one. That being said, gator attacks are rare, so there is no need to worry.

SC has a lot to offer residents, whether young or old, with amazing beaches and affordable taxes. There are also plenty of outdoor opportunities, with golfing being a popular choice. If you are ready to experience a new culture, hot weather, and a more relaxed way of living, moving to the South could be the lifestyle for you- just be careful of the gators!