Everything You Need to Know About Lowboy Trailer Transport

Lowboy trailers are widely known for being reliable and robust heavy equipment commonly used in the shipping industry. If you are in the market for heavy-duty transportation equipment, equipment trailers for sale are a great option to consider. It would be best to have rock solid trailers you can depend on for your transportation needs. Lowboy trailers are a popular type of equipment trailer, known for their ability to transport heavy machinery and equipment that exceeds typical height and weight limits.

Why are they known as lowboy trailers?

They are known as lowboy trailers because they ride so low to the ground compared to the normal flatbed trailers. The standard flatbed trailers are normally used to move equipment that is standard-sized. In comparison, lowboys can transport machinery and equipment that can measure up to 12 feet high. Lowboy trailers come equipped with a double-level drop-down mechanism, which is not available on a normal flatbed trailer. The double-level drop-down mechanism means the lowboy trailer has two drops in the height of the deck.

What are lowboy trailers used for?

They are commonly used to transport machinery, equipment, and cargo from a wide range of industries. They are an ever-present feature in construction, farming, freight transportation, and mining all over the world. The lowboy trailers are also referred to as the low loader, afloat, double drop, or low bed, depending on the region of the world you are in. They are all known as a semi trailer equipped with a drop deck.

Lowboy trailers can be used to transport huge machinery that is not road legal even though it has wheels, for example, dump trucks, backhoes, and bulldozers. They are equipped with two drops attached to the trailer; this allows larger equipment that is almost impossible to disassemble to be transported through areas that have low clearances.

The typical height restrictions for freights are 8 feet, which numerous taller machinery normally surpass when they are transported on a different type of trailer. The max weight for a lowboy trailer with two axles is around 40000 pounds though the weight limit can be added to 80000 pounds as the weight of the load and the trailer, but all this depends on the total number of axles that will be required.

Types of Lowboy Trailers

According to Hales Trailer, there are numerous types of lowboy trailers. The three main kinds of lowboy trailers are the (RGN) removable gooseneck lowboy, the (FGN) fixed gooseneck lowboy, and the Fixed neck lowboy.

Detachable or removable gooseneck lowboy trailers are very useful when the equipment required needs to be pulled, rolled, driven, or pushed on the bed of the trailer. It is also possible to load heavy equipment from above if needed. You might decide to use a removable Gooseneck Lowboy when your items can be easily driven off the trailer bed. Though if a crane is needed to load the items, you might decide to use the other options.

Fixed gooseneck lowboys are especially easy to load from the back because of their drop necks. The gooseneck can be easily attached to keep the equipment on the trailer bed in place during transportation.

Fixed neck low boys are connected to the trailer, which makes them a lightweight alternative compared to other kinds of lowboy trailers. The fixed style makes it difficult to load equipment from the front.

According to experts at Hale Trailer, the best way to find the Lowboy trailer is to get in touch with the trailer service provider for them to assess your needs and advise you accordingly. The same is applicable for a reefer trailer for rent.