Even Ethereum Whales are losing interest in Shiba Inu and why

Many big wallet investors on the blockchain of Ethereum have been consistently accumulating SHIB. Ethereum whales highly support Shiba Inu. They hold SHIB tokens in trillions. They have not been spared from the attack that witnessed the digital asset losing more than 60 % of its high all-time value. In the past few days, Ethereum whales largely decreased all their holdings. There has been a decline in the SHIB holdings of Ethereum whales. Thus proponents are expecting a bearish effect on Shiba Inu. You have to open your account today to become a highly successful investor.

A brief about Shiba Inu

  • According to the website of SHIBA INU, SHIB is called the “ Dogecoin Killer”.
  • It is listed on DEX, their Shiba Swap.
  • In August 2020, this meme coin was anonymously created under Ryoshi’s pseudonym.
  • It quickly gained value and speed as one community of investors was allured by the coin’s cute charm along with the tweets from some personalities such as Elon Musk.
  • For a long time, Vitalik Buterin was believed to be Shiba Inu’s originator.
  • But such rumors were denied on the podcast of Lex Fridman on 5th June last year.
  • It aims to be the counterpart that is Ethereum based to the cryptocurrency-based mining algorithm of Dogecoin.
  • Both Shiba Inu and the token SHIB are part of dog-themed cryptos such as the Baby Dogecoin, Dogecoin, and many more.
  • Such lesser-priced tokens have allured investors who have missed the pump of Dogecoin to almost 0.75 USD from 0.0002.
  • Ethereum whales have been selling SHIB tokens. It has been predicted by many that whales may be losing interest in Shiba Inu or becoming very bearish regarding this meme coin.
  • The top ones do not own too many Shiba Inu as they did in the past. Ethereum whales owned Shiba Inu for over $1.5 billion as of the start of March.
  • Now the total has fallen to almost $824 million. It will be a mistake to say Ethereum whales are giving up, particularly on Shiba Inu.
  • The biggest crypto investors like this meme coin a lot compared to other cryptos now.
  • Ethereum whales are now holding more SHIB tokens than other tokens.

Ethereum Whales’ shares of Shiba Inu are decreasing

  • Top crypto investors are arguably more bullish regarding Shiba Inu than they have been about any other crypto.
  • Shiba Inu’s one of the largest holders is Ethereum whales.
  • Big wallet addresses on the network of Ethereum got considered bullish on SHIB.
  • It happened when their holdings of meme coins crossed the mark of $1 billion.
  • Yet Ethereum whales have shed few of their holdings of Shiba Inu in the last few days.
  • These 100 largest Ethereum whales are now holding $982,324,880.
  • It shed SHIB tokens worth $17.6 as the sentiments began to shift to bearish from bullish.
  • It has been noted by proponents that one of the main reasons for such a drop in the holdings of Shiba Inu among Ethereum whales is the currency pullback of price.
  • This process may be having a negative feedback impact with the reduction in holdings of whales, accelerating a bearish sentiment among holders of Shiba Inu, and finally more liquidations.
  • Moreover, selling around the levels of the present price will put Shiba Inu in a dangerous position.
  • This is because this meme coin has formed a reducing triangle on its everyday chart.
  • One sustaining everyday candlestick close under $0.000021 and also under $0.000018 may be triggering one correction of 48.59%.
  • This huge decline can be sending SHIB to $0.000011 or $0.000010.


Staying aware of what large investors are thinking or doing is never a bad idea. If they are active in buying some asset, there can be some underlying reason that will be making it worthwhile for you to purchase too. This same idea will apply when rich investors sell a provided digital asset. Yet it must be noted that such a pessimistic outlook will get invalidated if the price of Shiba Inu is capable of slicing via the $0.000023 level of resistance. Moving past this critical zone of supply can motivate participants of the market to re-enter this market and aid SHIB in recovering and potentially hitting $0.00004.

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