Eva Constance Introduces Latest Rnb/Pop Single “Energy”

Eva Constance is the newest and hottest Rnb/Pop artist on the music scene. “Energy” is her third studio single and it definitely makes the list of hot new tracks – among her others. With her fan-base growing steadily, she’s making a huge impact at the beginning of her career.

Through the popular TikTok app, you’ve probably seen one of Eva constance’s viral videos. Tapping in at over 2 million video views total to date, the rising star is best known for her sexy, sultry, Tic Toc dances and transitions. The best part is, she changes things up in all her videos giving a sense of overall talent and versatility. Adding moves from different cultures – including her own from France, Latin America, and more, she’s a multi-talented content creature.

As an independent artist, she’s constantly working on her craft; learning and improving as she goes and being a voice for female body expression. She’s now releasing her 4th single to date titled “Energy,” which she’s very excited about. Both the track and official music video release are under her new record Label Constance Records and it’s new distribution deal with Vydia Publishing. The visual is directed by Eva Constance herself – along with her videographer KhamenLenz who has worked with big names including Big Chant, Grown Man Mani, Silky The Fox, and Hey Samyr – just to name a few.

About Insider caught up with Eva to discuss her roots, new music, concepts, goals, and more!

Having a large ethnicity, how does that play into your life and career?
I have a huge background – French, Portuguese, African American, Caucasian, Puerto Rican, German, and Polish! I learn everyday about each of my cultures but it can be a lot to handle. I love all of them equally though and try to interpret each of them into my content. I speak some French, Portuguese and Spanish (Still learning) since they are all a bit closer in relitivity.

How did you end up living in Florida and how long have you been doing music professionally?
I have lived in a few different places including, Los Angeles, Connecticut, Kentucky, and South Florida. Each location had it’s own vibe and style. I’ve now lived in Florida for a little over 5 years now and I love living here! I do miss my family in Connecticut though. I also miss living in L.A. – It honestly was a dream. I do go back and visit though. I’ve been doing music professionally now for almost 2 years now.

Check out a glimpse of Eva’s Music Video “Energy” below:

To know more about Eva Constance check out her official website: www.Evaconstancemusic.com