Erica Barry Shares Her Secret Sauce For Successful Content Creation

Erica Barry’s “Don’t Wait, Create: How to Be a Content Creator in the New Digital Revolution!” is already the number one Amazon New Release in Entertainment and Sports and the number one Amazon New Release in Social Media. An impressive statistic made even more jaw-dropping given that “Don’t Wait, Create: How to Be a Content Creator in the New Digital Revolution!” is Barry’s first book published! 

Though, Barry has been writing, creating content, and connecting with her audience since she was only 14 years old. As a freshman in high school, Barry did not have a studio kitchen set, videographer, producer, or production crew; what Barry had was a passion, a computer, and a blog, ‘Cannella Vita.’ 

“For fun, I would spend hours after school perfecting recipes for complex desserts like french macarons and butter croissants.” Barry says, reminiscing on her first leap into content creation, “There is no better feeling than a batch of macarons finally turning out perfectly after having to throw out the last four batches.” 

Since her first days of making Cannella Vita, Barry has gone on to produce diverse but always highly engaging content across almost every platform. “Recipe posts, TikToks with advice about management consulting, even “security camera outfit videos” on Instagram – the thread that connects all of these seemingly unrelated topics is that they are all things that I would be interested in watching myself, regardless of whether my goal was to learn something or just watch something for its entertainment value,” Barry explains. 

Barry continues, “In fact, that is what inspired me to write my book. I was itching to read a book about content creation and couldn’t get my hands on one that addressed the fundamental questions of why and how content creators should consider leveraging their work in digital media. That is why I decided to write “Don’t Wait, Create.” 

Barry describes the book as a ‘roadmap’ that highlights the journeys of other creators who have found their success in the digital world. She cites Bo Burnham, Chloe Fineman, Jimmy Tatro, and many others throughout her guidebook, using their accomplishments to teach others how to replicate and learn from these successful creators. 

“Don’t Wait, Create: How to Be a Content Creator in the New Digital Revolution!” walks readers through every aspect of content creation in the 21st century. From finding your voice to creating revenue streams, Barry’s guidebook maintains the lighthearted tone she built a following with while still detailing the intricacies of digital content creation. 

“Authenticity is paramount for me as a writer and creator,” Barry explains. “Some of the best advice I have received is: ‘create content as if you are speaking to your best friend.’ Thus, I try to keep that tone in all of my projects.”

Though newly released, “Don’t Wait, Create: How to Be a Content Creator in the New Digital Revolution!” has already caught the attention of major players across the entertainment and media industries.

Jacob Pace, CEO of Flighthouse, describes it as “a crash course in the complex world of content creation.” Adding, “Erica Barry expertly explains the rapid changes that have occurred in the industry in a way that is easy to understand.”

“We live in an era where a single person can build a larger platform than some of the world’s biggest companies.” says Max Levine, Founder of Amp Studies and Forbes 30 under 30, “Don’t Wait, Create sheds light on how the world is changing around us.” 

Barry refers to our current world as the “golden age of content creation,” explaining that the “creator economy” we now have is the fastest-growing type of small business. Creators are able to work for themselves, in their chosen niches, and play by their own rules. To many, the job of a content creator is appealing, to say the very least. 

“I fell in love with both the freedom I had as a content creator and the vast community that I was able to build online. I look up to the originality and creativity of content creators around the world,” Barry says. 

Barry’s guide is all one needs to dip a toe and take a dive into the digital world of content creation. There has never been a resource as comprehensive or as necessary as Barry’s manual on becoming a thriving content creator. 

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