Entrepreneur sets out to help many evicted families in Florida

Hello Horse! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Can you introduce yourself for our readers?
My name is Horse Wren, Chairman of Street Fame WorldWide Multi-Media© 

We saw that you first started doing food & clothing drives in 2011 donating them to battered women/children shelters. What drove you to helping families being evicted during these times?
I realize that it is only right to assist in the hardships of those, they may not know legalities of community assistance.

Are there other business owners joining you in this mission?
I have been discussing this matter with some companies that have the means and connections to assist in evicted families looking for homes and receive immediate financial assistance.

What did you mean by businesses being the stimulus plan for those less fortunate in Florida?
Government and Big business have not got a clue as to what is going on day to day with these mortgage lenders & rental properties. Families are being tossed out the streets daily with no way to legally or financially fight for themselves, until now and starting with Florida. We as business owners can work together by keeping a finger on the pulse of our own version of a planned stimulus for families in Florida.

How do we get to checkout your companies and contact you?
You can log on to streetfame.info or 2ambitious.com Our IG is @streetfamemagazine and @crazygeniustv