Enjoy The Party With Your Friends and 8 Ball’s New Song “Right Now”

With the new song “Right Now” from his EP, the unknown DJ 8 Ball has exceeded everyone’s expectations. The song transports the listener to another world because it is impossible to remain still after listening to it. It’s smashing records on all known streaming platforms as its popularity keeps rising higher and higher. Now everyone’s talking about him. 

8 Ball, an enigmatic music producer/DJ, is the only one of his genre whose renown is constantly growing despite no one knowing who he is. That says a lot about his musical ability and prowess. He’s the one to keep an eye on. His audience can’t get enough of him. 

“Right Now” is a song that distinguishes him from his rivals. Rumor Records, the label that released this song, has excelled themselves yet again. They’ve gotten a lot of appreciation from fans for their immaculate mastering and incredible production quality. 

8 Ball is the musician that is currently on everyone’s attention. “Right Here” and “Can’t Stop Me Now” are two additional tracks he’s released this year. Aside from “Right Now,” the other two songs are equally popular and are being streamed at an increasing rate every day. Rumor Records made an incredible decision by signing this genius. 

Listen to “Right Now” on Spotify Here: