Enjoy the Christmas Vibe With These Three Fun Apps While Taking Better Care of Yourself and Your Finances

After a challenging pandemic year, award-winning app developer Fourdesire aims at helping users get in the holiday mood as Christmas approaches. 

Special Santa features have been introduced to its popular apps Plant Nanny², Walkr and Fortune City for the upcoming festive season. With less than a month to go until Christmas, this is the time when you normally start reflecting on your past year and plan your resolutions for the new year. In addition to providing the ultimate holiday experience, the purpose of the new holiday-themed features is to inspire you to develop better wellness and financial habits.

From this month onwards, Plant Nanny² subscribers can look forward to planting special limited-edition plants. Plant Nanny² is the hydration app that motivates you to drink more water during the day. Every month subscribers will receive an adorable plant to accompany them on their hydration journey, starting in December with the “Heart-Warming Poinsettia,” a cute little plant with red leaves that spread warmth like flames.

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Fourdesire’s pedometer app Walkr, which makes walking more fun for users, will also get a jolly twist this season with the new “Reindeer Trek” spaceship. The app motivates users to explore an exciting new galaxy while reaching their fitness goals. With the time-limited trek, you can now explore the galaxy in this new space shuttle while snowflakes fall from the sky, bringing the joy of Santa.

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Last but not the least, Fortune City, the personal expense tracking app that won the Red Dot Design award in 2018, will introduce the new feature “Christmas Childhood.” Fortune City transforms boring bookkeeping tasks into a fun city simulation game to help users build healthy financial habits while watching the city develop and grow. As snow falls, all characters in the app dress in holiday party attire and stockings are stuffed with presents, bringing heart-warming Christmas childhood memories to life.

To learn more and download the Fortune City app, please visit:

As explained by Wei-Fan Chen, CEO and founder of Fourdesire, “At year’s end, we know that users usually look back on their past year and make plans for the coming year. By launching these special Christmas features, we hope to immerse ourselves in the festive atmosphere with our users. We are excited for everyone to see the new, cute interface design.”

“I personally like the new ‘Heart-Warming Poinsettia’ Plant Nanny² seasonal plant,” Chen added. “By drinking water, the small plants grow every day, implying a day-by-day countdown to Christmas.”

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