Business Energy Saving Tips From Josco Energy

It is a good idea to reduce energy usage on every business premises. It not only cuts your carbon footprint. It also minimizes your outgoing expenditures. You can make various adjustments to your property to reduce your energy usage as we move into 2021. Josco Energy list some of the adjustments in this article or you can also check to learn more about energy-saving tips.

Upgrade Your Lighting 

15 percent of energy use in most offices goes to lighting. How do you reduce energy usage in your office? You take your time to either upgrade or completely replace the lighting system in your office. Choosing energy-efficient bulbs is beneficial because they can use around 75 percent less electricity. Switch to Light Emitting Diode (LED) or compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs because they have a longer lifespan than standard bulbs and they can save up to five times more energy. You will never spend more money changing your bulbs regularly. 

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Assessment

It is a compulsory assessment for large projects which inspect the energy that your building uses. The ESOS assessment is only obligatory for large organizations with a balance sheet of over £33.4 million, a turnover of £38.9 million, or over 250 employees. This is around 10,000 businesses in the United Kingdom. 

The objective of the assessment is to identify areas with high energy usage. Once they identify these areas, they recommend cost-saving and energy-efficient solutions. The purpose of the assessment is not only to reduce your energy bills. It is also to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint. The original Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme passed in 2015. In 2019, phase 2 closed. The assessment requires the business that enrolled to comply by having assessments every four years. 

Phase 3 has now begun. It is going to run until 2022. MSL will make sure your organization remains Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme compliant. Let our designated Lead Assessor guide you through the process and collect any data and information you require to stay compliant. 

Turn It Off

It seems like a simple idea, so turn off all your equipment, like lights and computers, at the end of the day. Turning them off can reduce your energy usage, saving your business a lot of money every year. One of the best solutions is to install lighting systems timers that you can set to turn off at certain times during the day. Also, you can install motion-sensitive lighting systems that only function when people are in the office. These solutions are great for large business premises. 

Regular Maintenance

You must have a well-planned, preventative maintenance schedule to consistently check and maintain all aspects of your business premises. The maintenance schedule can help reduce unnecessary energy usage. How? It ensures your energy using apparatus, like lighting, air conditioning units, and boilers, run efficiently. 

For instance, a regularly maintained air conditioning unit uses less energy than an unmaintained air conditioning unit. Check your air conditioning unit regularly to fix any problems before they become larger issues. Fixing the problems early can help reduce your energy usage. 

Replace Your Windows and Doors

One of the main sources of air leakage on buildings is windows and doors. They can increase your heating and air conditioning usage. This increases your energy bills because it increases your energy usage. Use energy-efficient choices to replace your windows and doors. One of the best energy-efficient choices is double glazing. Why? It not only enhances your security. It also improves your energy efficiency by reducing any air leakage. 


Add insulation to your premises to reduce your carbon emissions and reduce your energy bills. It is cheap and simple to install roof insulation. The insulation keeps your premises at a comfortable temperature because it stops cold air from escaping. You will never have to spend more money to heat your premises during the winter months. It also ensures your air conditioning works well during the summer months.