Elvisa Dedic – A passionate model become CEO of her own company

With the growing number of fashion and lifestyle influencers, social media platforms are booming. Elvisa Dedic, a Bosnian model, has been crushing it on Instagram for a long time. Dedic’s Instagram journey and success story will be highlighted in this article.

At the age of eleven, the social media sensation went to the United States. For Elvisa, relocating to the United States paved the path for her to achieve everything she had ever wished for. Dedic earned bachelor’s degrees in both criminal justice and psychology from the University of Florida in 2019. She chose modeling as a job after finishing her studies and succeeded at it.

A model with a business mind

Big businesses reached out to her because of her glorious presence on the internet. Elvisa is a model and a brand ambassador for FashionNova, one of the most well-known fashion businesses. Furthermore, the Bosnian model was recognized by PrettyLittleThing, a famous fashion brand, and was requested to serve as their Brand Ambassador.

Dedic’s commitment to her profession has made her a successful female business woman today. Elvisa is the CEO of her own cosmetics line, Elvisa Cosmetics, which she founded. The company sells many makeup goods, including mascara, eyeshadow palettes, lip gloss, makeup bags, and more. Her mission is to inspire women to pursue their ambitions and make them a reality.

Meanwhile, Dedic has partnered with several well-known online retailers. Elvisa worked with Chic Couture Online, a retail brand, and her endorsements can be found on her Instagram profile.

Business achievement

Elvisa Dedic is 25 years old, according to her date of birth. Elvisa, who has always loved modeling, fashion, and glamour, decided to pursue a profession in modeling and manner after completing her studies in 2019.

She debuted her modeling career by posting exquisite fashion and lifestyle photographs on Instagram. She became famous on Instagram quickly after her photos went viral, and she earned thousands of followers.

Pretty Little Things, Diva Boutique, Giti, Seventh Issue, and other fashion, swimwear, apparel, beauty, and healthcare firms have selected Elvisa to market their products on social media.

She frequently promotes all of the brands on various social media sites. She is currently an official ambassador for Fashion Nova, a clothing company.

Elvisa is also recognized for being a big fan of cosmetics and the beauty business Elvisa Cosmetics founder. She creates a wide range of cosmetics accessories. The Brand has a large following on social media, with over 14k Instagram followers.

Several fashion and entertainment journals will almost certainly include her on their covers in the future. Her favorite vacation spots are the Netherlands and Australia. She is a fitness and makeup enthusiast. Elvisa adores chocolate, particularly dark chocolate. Her favorite colors are pink and white.

In a short amount of time, she became extremely popular. Elvisa DEDIC is also interested in performing and would enjoy working in films if given a chance. She is one of the most popular Instagram celebrities, and many of her short videos have gone viral on various social media platforms.