Elliot Tousley And His De Novo Agency And The Music Distribution Company Songflowr

Art and music are essential aspects of human life. Humanity and art can’t exist without each other. It has a solid ability to make something, no matter how small or grand it might be. Sound engagement is inevitable if you’re making it or enjoying it. People have often valued music in their lives, whether for listening pleasure, emotional response, performance, or development. This is true in both classical and modern concert music. Both kinds of music are precious to our society, but, as we all know, the challenge in this area is that it is little understood and therefore underappreciated.

About Elliot Tousley:

The trick to hacking the Spotify code, according to musicians, is to release new music regularly and to be CONSISTENT. Elliot Tousley is the co-founder of De Novo Agency as well as Songflowr, a music streaming firm. For more details, don’t forget to visit https://youtu.be/EZD9RuIYRV0.

Music Business With Songflowr:

Because of Songflowr, clients no longer have to think about recurring fees or give up to 20% of their royalties to sellers thanks to artist-friendly distribution. You’ll never have to spend another penny to carry your music on streaming services and digital stores until it’s out.

Lifetime Distribution: Release music for the rest of your life on Spotify, Apple Music, and more than 90 other streaming services and digital stores around the world.

Keep Your Royalties: Songflowr helps you keep 100% of your royalties and makes it easy to plan and share payments with partners.

Find The Target Audience: Your Songflowr dashboard allows you to capture, monitor, and arrange streaming data from your audiences from all channels, allowing you to pinpoint a specific target audience.

Business Partnership: Songflowr’s mission is to be the most artist-friendly distribution organization on the planet. Their highest priority is to provide you with assistance and support.

About De Novo Agency:

  • Make a list of potential customers: Using Spotify, YouTube, and our Blog Partner websites, helps artists create a targeted fanbase.
  • Create a Marketing Plan: Based on the information we collect and your objectives, it creates personalized marketing campaigns for your music industry.
  • Develop a Music Industry: The DNA team wants to be your long-term collaborator, whether you’re an artist, manager, or record label.