Elite Beauty Bar: The Only One Stop Beauty Salon in Pasadena

By: Mona Hassanzadeh

With the rapidly changing beauty industry trends, finding a beauty salon with all the new technology and trending services available may be difficult to locate. The Elite Beauty Bar Aesthetic and Wellness salon prides itself in being a one stop beauty shop for all your beauty needs. Located in Pasadena, California, and launched in 2023, Elite Beauty Bar Aesthetics and Wellness is based on a belief that beauty can be healthy and from the heart. They pride themselves on connecting with their clients and offering them healthy options to be the best versions of themselves.

There are no limits to the services offered at Elite Beauty Bar ranging from threading services to facials, haircuts, lashes, hair treatments, and makeup services. In an interview with Gisella, the founder of Elite Beauty Bar, we asked her what her favorite treatment and services offered are. Gisella’s favorite treatment service, which she believes sets her business apart from others, is Subzero Cryotherapy Hair treatment. This treatment will melt the hair damage and bring it back to a healthy state again: stronger, brighter, and resilient. In answering her favorite service, Gisella mentioned Elite Beauty Bar’s Brow Lamination service. Like microblading and tinting, brow lamination was designed to give the illusion of fuller and more defined eyebrows.

Elite Beauty Bar yields state-of-the art equipment and machines, ranging from highly advanced aesthetic systems to Ozone Micro Mist Steamers for hair care. Sub zero cryo therapy, Asida Paris Advanced Straightener Pro and Skin Analyser are all not able machines used at Elite Beauty Bar sure to cater to a variety of needs based on each clientele.

When visiting Elite Beauty Bar, take advantage of the new happy hour special, offered every Tuesday and Wednesday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.By visiting the salon during happy hour, hair, skin, and nail services can be received at a buy one get one 50% off discount.

Coming up on April 24, Elite Beauty Bar is proudly bringing Downtown to Uptown, a must-see Charity fashion event organized by Elite Beauty Barin partnership with Remainders Creative. In this event, eight team or individual fashion designers will create one design each within six hours. Hair and makeup will be done at the salon to prepare for the fashion show. Tickets will be sold for $35, with a percentage donated to Remainders. The event will take place in 256S LAKE AVE PASADENA, CA 91101, from 6-8 PM.

Other things to keep an eye out for is the launch of air brush brow services. By providing monthly training for the staff on the new trends, Elite Beauty Bar is now able to present the newest beauty trend, air brush brows. Air brush brows are similar to brow tint and brow stain, but instead use stencils and airbrush machines to achieve the look.

By visiting Elite Beauty Bar, clients no longer need to feel pressure to stay on top of trends and find salons that offer up to date services. Elite Beauty Baris dedicated to being a one stop beauty salon for all your needs. With happy hour services, you can now receive all your needs at Elite Beauty Bar Aesthetics and Wellness with the best prices.