EGW Tokens May Gain 100x On Tokenization Boom, Pancakeswap Listing

With crypto being actively scrutinized by governments worldwide, the tokens of EGW Capital (EGW) may increase 100x on the anticipated regulated tokenization boom. EGW Capital is in the business of taking the companies public on the crypto exchanges and the US stock exchanges through reverse mergers, Regulation A+ IPO offerings, and private placements. EGW Capital is the only company in the crypto space to address the tokenization issue of real-world assets, which includes stocks, bonds, and real estate, all in compliance with the regulators, primarily the United States.

The current price of the EGW token is trading close to $0.09, and with the tokenization boom catching up, the price may go as high as US $10 in the next 1-2 years, the current market cap of the business is close to US $900 million.

EGW Capital has also announced that it may burn 70-80% of its total supply within one year of raising the US $100 million through its proposed ICO. If such a massive token burn gets executed, it will take the price of the EGW token to the new highs. The trading pundits predict that the price per EGW token may touch the US $10 with the US $10-15 billion market cap, assuming 70-80% of the circulating supply is burned.

Technically, the EGW token looks like the next altcoin with 100x price jump potential.

EGW Capital focuses on the registered crypto offerings through the US, which adds legitimacy to the whole offering process. The company believes that legitimate token offerings attract more investors and higher investments.

EGW Capital is proposing an ICO, but it will initially list its tokens on the Pancakeswap Exchange to build an initial retail market for its tokens. The ICO will be done in 5 phases, and with each phase, the token price will keep increasing by 15%. Once the first phase of the ICO is launched, the remaining 4 phases will be concluded in 9-10 months. Hence it is an attractive proposition for retail investors to buy and hold.

“Pancakeswap decentralized exchange listing is an excellent opportunity for the retail investors to enter early, invest and hold. EGW Capital is the most logical crypto company with expertise in the regulated offerings. The governments worldwide will be able to regulate the crypto markets in the future, and the companies like EGW Capital have a bright future as they are thinking ahead of the curve,” said Martha Sinclair of Weiss Ratings.

EGW Capital has a sizeable automated market-making business, and it advises high networth investors on their crypto investments. The EGW tokens are proposing to be listed on WazirX and exchange post liquidity built up on Pancakeswap.

EGW tokens use Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) blockchain architecture. 

Passive Income with EGW tokens

EGW Capital is proposing to build an online staking platform where the token holders will earn 40-50% per annum (capital protected). The staked tokens will be used to build liquidity on the Pancakeswap. EGW Capital is proposing to build a staking pool of US $20-25 million.

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