Effective Advertising with a Media Buying Platform

The number of marketing channels and options available to advertisers has grown considerably, from CTV, mobile apps, and music streaming services. However, this level of choice can also confuse and make it challenging to decide on the most effective channels and the ability to monitor results.

This is why many advertisers now use a Media Buying Platform that can simplify the entire process, make it easier to track the results and help to optimize future campaigns. This post will describe how these Media Buying Platforms work and the key benefits of using them. 

How Do Media Buying Platforms Work?

For simplicity, platforms have been developed to help facilitate the purchase of Ad inventories, bridging the gap between publishers and the media buying company, removing the additional costs and time spent dealing with third parties. 

In short, a Media Buying Platform allows you to purchase digital ad space quickly and easily. This can be done programmatically based on proven algorithms that can place your ad on the correct channels, or it can be done via bidding on a real-time marketplace.
As well as this, the platform can provide useful data and analytics to measure the performance of each campaign so that future campaigns can be improved.

Ad campaigns can be fully managed and automated using a platform such as this to provide an effective but hands-off experience that gets results. Advertisers and marketing agencies who want a more involved approach can also bid in real-time for available ad inventories to help them pinpoint their key audiences.

Taking full advantage of a Media Buying Platform means you are not restricted to just a few devices, as it allows you to diversify your ad campaigns, with full cross-device targeting, using a range of metrics. Targeting options include; geofencing, IP, behavior, demographics, devices, and time/day – to name just a few.

This highly targeted, programmatic solution means you can be seamlessly connected to third-party audiences, accessing a range of data to ensure your ads reach out to the correct demographic. 

Which Self-Serve Demand-Side Platform Should I Choose?

Based on the quality of the analytics, advanced programmatic solutions, and wealth of inventory, we highly recommend Bidmind Media Buying Platform as the full package. 

Bidmind works across all channels and formats, so campaigns can be served across all media types to achieve greater levels of engagement. This omnichannel approach is why the platform has earned itself such a growing reputation with market-leading advertising agencies and organizations.

Bidmind also works with the leading mobile ad inventory suppliers, including; MoPub, AdX, Omax, Smaato, and more. 

In addition, advanced fraud protection uses a range of complex and unique algorithms to ensure safety and block non-human traffic throughout the buying experience.

The Self-Serve DSP option allows you to purchase inventory via an easy-to-use interface with no waiting time. Meanwhile, the managed service would see campaigns configured by ad tech account managers to optimize for maximum exposure.

Finally, the White-Label DSP option can be rebranded to act as your media-buying platform, providing advice and support for a hassle-free integration. 

What Are the Key Benefits of Using a Media Buying Platform?

There are many reasons why using a media buying platform is recommended for advertisers and marketing agencies. Below is a summary of some of the most important benefits. 

  • Real-time bidding with zero waiting times
  • Programmatic Solutions
  • Ad Tech managers for full optimization can manage campaigns
  • A range of targeting options
  • Access to leading inventories
  • Serves ads across all channels and formats
  • Secure, with advanced fraud protection

We hope this post has helped give you an insight into Media Buying Platforms, and it has successfully outlined the key benefits of using the technology.