Dylan Sesco Releases 3 Part Video Series On The Fabled Sacramento Sports Complex

Bay Area based rapper-turned-Youtuber Dylan Sesco has put together a 3-part video series documenting the history and mysteries surrounding the site of Sleep Train Arena (formerly known as Arco Arena) and the never-built Arco Park on his channel The Somethin’ Or Other Tour.

Dylan Sesco is known for a variety of video content including abandoned exploring, live sports experiences, and little known historic locations on his channel also known as SOOT.tv.

Sleep Train Arena was closed in 2016 when the Sacramento Kings moved to a new downtown arena, and the venue sat empty for years.

Dylan, along with his brother and cousin, was able to traverse the entire complex and dig through the forgotten history and what they found was surprising.

The first video in the series is on an unfinished stadium project, a dream of the Sacramento Kings ownership group. They had attempted to build a stadium to attract a professional football or baseball team. The group even attempted to lure the Oakland Athletics or Los Angeles Raiders to the site in the late 1980s. No team ever agreed to the move, so the stadium was never finished. The foundation of the stadium still sits on the land to this day. Dylan takes us throughout the unfinished complex and tells the story, some of it funny, some of it shocking due to the amount of money wasted.

The finale of the series has the trio exploring the old Arco Arena itself, including on the former basketball court where Lebron James made his professional debut and the locker rooms. Old game footage, discarded merchandise, and even an old NBA regulation basketball are found laying around the facility. As huge sports fans, they were overjoyed with all their finds which included old giveaway night bobbleheads and t-shirts.

Interlacing tales of sports history that happened within Arco Arena’s confines, and a bit of silliness, Dylan Sesco is able to give this old arena a good intentioned send off as a sports fan. The echoes of some of the greatest basketball players of all time are still in the building according to Dylan.

One of the highlights of the adventure is the legendary Clown Cave, a tunnel to nowhere hidden deep beneath the complex.

Dylan Sesco is no stranger to adventure, he has over 200 similar videos on his channel and is showing no signs of slowing down. He offers a lighthearted and fun way of learning about some history that you may or may not already be familiar with, in an unique and stylish way. You can find more at http://soot.tv.