“Drip God” Shows The World Why JKAPLVN Is Going To Run Music

Rapper and artist JKAPLVN releases his brand new single, ‘Drip God‘. Exhibiting examples of modern Hip-Hop, fused together with Trap and Rap genres, this track demonstrates JKAPLVN���s impeccable flow and musical abilities, with the sleek production on par with big names within the industry.

His passion for movement and connections with the music industry led him to creating his own unique sound. With uncensored emotion, hard-hitting beats and honest melodies, JKAPLVN‘s music tells the story of a unique path. From tragedies and heartbreak to glory and triumph, he takes you on an inspiring journey. JKAPLVN is not focused on trying to impress foes or competitors. He’s just focused on relating to true Hip Hop fans.

JKAPLVN started creating music when he was in high school, allowing his passion to grow whilst he figured out how to show his music to the masses. He bought his own equipment, and from then on, professionally started perfecting his craft. Even after he had his work stolen from him, by those he was closest to, he persevered and kept going.

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