Dr. Casuel Pitts is a Pioneer to the World!

Hello Dr. Casuel Pitts, Welcome to ABOUT INSIDER! How does it feel to receive this Lifetime Achievement Award?
Hello, Thank You! I’m beyond honored and I appreciate the acknowledgement because a lot of people don’t get a chance to see how hard I work behind the scenes.

Who do you owe your success to?
I owe my success to GOD because if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be in a position for anything in my life.

So you have 14 businesses why so many?
Well, when you think about poverty and the increase of unemployment. When you are a server of GOD you try to create solutions to all problems. My goal is to operate 30 companies to help solve these issues.

What drives your success?
Again God and then my beautiful wife and my kids and of course my supporters and believers who encourage me.

What do you say when people ask what do you do?
That’s easy I express to them that I am a Dynasty Legacy Builder and what that is-is someone who carries the drive, dedication and determination to help others leave a legacy not just for their family and their generations but for other generations to come.

How did you get into the celebrity space?
Wow, the great question however again God was the one who aligned me with the right people who knew people and I built by resume from there.

How is it being married to an entrepreneur?
Amazing because she understands my why, my drive and because she is also an entrepreneur our late nights do not go in vain. So thank you queen for standing by my side.

Where can people find you?
All social media platforms, my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is “Casuel Pitts” my website is www.drcasuelpitts.com