DO’s and DON’Ts for Healthy Nails

In Search of Healthy Nails

Who doesn’t like healthy nails? Well nails can tell a lot about your health and your personality when it comes to them. All the pedicure and manicure businesses are flourishing because everyone wants their nails to be clean, long and shiny. All the dents, ridges or brittleness can be avoided if nails are given proper care. Being overly aggressive in cleaning and maintaining nails can also create infections in your nails so again extreme care is needed. Here we are going to be discussing about some do’s and don’ts that are immensely essential for healthy nails, some tips can be done at home and some at the beauty salon. If you are a millionaire, you can have all available options at your disposal. 

Many measures can be taken to make your nails healthy and create a good impression in front of others. For the best looking practice good nails hygiene, clean your finger and toe nails by using pedicure tool, this prevents bacteria from growing under the nails. Prolong and repeated contact of water can create a split between nails so it is preferred to use rubber gloves while washing dishes and clothes etc. Also, make sure you apply acetone-free nail polish remover to get rid of nail polish. Trim nails weekly using sharp scissors or clippers to prevent breaking or damaging of the nails and it looks clean and fresh. Cuticle is like a protective layer between the finger and the nail, pushing it back or trimming it can cause it to open and infections like redness, swelling can happen so moisturizing the cuticle with lotion or oil is very important and preventing it from pushing back. As long as we eat a healthy diet, we will have good nail but experts say eating supplements like biotin (which is a vitamin) everyday can increase nail strength and growth tremendously. It can also help you as a best toenail fungus treatment

Now as looking at what to do one must also look at what not to do like biting nails. Nail biting is one of the worst habits that can damage the nail bed, the cuticle acts as a barrier against the bacteria and prevents them from entering, biting or picking the cuticle can damage it and one must apply coat on the cuticle if you have this nail biting habit, it is also bad for your health if you swallow dirty nails and skin. Secondly do not use harsh chemicals on your skin like acetone-based nail polish remover which makes nails brittle instead opt for acetone-free or oil-based remover. Never share or use someone else’s nail file because nail file has bacteria sitting on it and using it or giving it to someone will simply transfer bacteria to other’s body. Unhealthy or discoloration of nails are caused by lack of proper diet or deficiency of a vitamin, so proper diet and no junk food is recommended. Moreover, if you have a nail problem which is not going on its own and is associated with any sort of health risk consult a doctor or a dermatologist at the earliest for an evaluation. You can also try out some best home remedies for toenail fungus.

Lastly don’t be overly aggressive in cleaning the nails which can cause your skin to tear or bleed always use the tool for cleaning for polishing gently and carefully …