Don’t Forget These Ettiquetes While Staying in 5-Star Hotels

Let’s be honest – staying at a luxury 5-star hotel is on most people’s bucket list. If you made it to such a hotel, awesome!

However, staying at a luxury 5-star hotel is a tad different from your neighborhood hotels. So, some habits can embarrass you in front of people. 

But the truth is, being an outstandingly gracious guest at a five-star hotel isn’t that hard. All you have to do is follow the list of etiquettes given below, and you’re sure to have an excellent stay at any luxury hotel. 

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Be Polite At The Front-Desk 

If you see a queue when checking into a five-star hotel, make sure you don’t rush the front desk. If the receptionist can’t attend to you, know that there must be an important reason behind that. This is applicable for other vacation rentals too. Don’t believe the myth “You can take the front desk at a normal vacation for granted.” 

Play it Cool

Five-star hotels often have elegant furniture and items that can be damaged easily. So, try to avoid repeated touching decorative artifacts while appreciating their beauty. 

Dress Appropriately 

When packing for your luxury stay, carry outfits that exude class and a sense of nobility. Don’t go overboard with looking expensive, but remember that you can never be overdressed at a five-star hotel. 

Roam Well

Refrain from talking loudly in the hotel hallways or laughing too loud around the pool. Luxury hotels often host guests arriving from different time zones, so it’s advisable to keep your inside voice when passing by other rooms. 

Don’t Bargain

Asking for a discount or room upgrade because you’re booking the place for an extended period is not appreciated in five-star properties. If you’re planning to stay in a city (say, Minneapolis) for a little longer conveniently, you can look for apartments for rent in Minneapolis

Sense the Vibe

When staying at a top-notch hotel, be sure to stay hyper-mindful of the place’s vibe where you are hanging out. Consider leaving public areas if your little one begins to throw a tantrum.

Silence Your Mobile 

Make sure you keep your smartphone on silent or vibrate if you are in a public place in the hotel. If you need to take an urgent call while sitting around with your buddies outside your room, find a quiet spot and talk in your inside voice.  

Respect Quiet Hours

You’ve come to the luxury hotel to party, but as a respectable guest, you must stay considerate of other guests who share a wall with you. Make sure you don’t watch TV at full volume or party in your room after midnight. 

Don’t Escalate Every Issue

Five-stare hotels, too, can encounter snafus. If you’re experiencing some issue, then speak to the source first. Avoid going straight to the manager if you didn’t get your morning coffee order on time. 

Always Tip 

Tipping is expected from guests throughout the United States, especially in luxury hotels. So, make sure you acknowledge the staff for their service. 

Behave Around Celebrities 

Plush hotels are likely to host rice and famous, sometimes even celebrities. If you spot one, make sure you stay calm and resist the urge to run to them. 

Minimize the Selfies

While we’re on the topic of acting cool, avoid going crazy with photos and selfies inside the hotel. You don’t want to give off a vibe that you are not used to the five-star grandeur, so avoid excessive picture-taking. 

Dine With Grace 

When dining in a five-star hotel, don’t yell at the waiter to get their attention. Also, let everybody in your company sit before ordering any food or beverages. 

Treat the Housekeepers Well 

Practice showing the same politeness to your housekeeper as you show to the front-desk personnel. You can do your bit by piling used towels together and putting the trash in the bin. 

The Bottom Line

When you’re a polite and well-mannered guest who trusts the staff to provide great service, you not only enjoy your stay but also make the staff want to serve you again. So follow our etiquette guide to handle any situation at any high-end hotel with grace.