Dondorado is Climbing the Charts with his New EP “Only at 2:00am”

Dondorado plans to take his career to the next level with the drop of his new EP “Only at 2:00”. This project has 4 songs and has a run time of 11 minutes. Dondorado’s intent with this new body of work was to give his fans a deeper look into the relationships he has had in his life. He goes into detail about the break ups he’s experienced as well as the heart ache while trying to rebound from past relationships. 

Dondorado takes a melodic approach to this EP and truly shows his lyrical talent. The way he is able to paint a picture in your mind through rhymes is extremely rare. It is music you can vibe to no matter the setting that you are in. 

Stream “Only at 2:00” on the link below: