Do Waist Trainers Help You Lose Weight?

Every waist trainer brand claims to provide unbelievable changes. Some claims like instant slimming and hourglass figure are visible. However, many people still want to know if waist trainers help for weight loss or not.

The waist trainers have become very popular among women of all ages and all sizes. After years of research, the best waist trainer brands and the experts at Waistcraze provide the best waist trainer for weight loss, postpartum recovery and posture correction.

Do Waist Trainers Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, waist trainers help with weight loss but indirectly. The question of weight loss arises from the way brands advertise their waist trainer products. The waist trainers make you sweat more and this is how you lose weight i.e. water weight from your midsection.

The weight you lose by sweating too much is just the excess water which was retained in your belly/abdomen area. You may gain it back as soon as you drink water or other fluids after an intense workout session.

Do Waist Trainers Offer Permanent Results?

No, the waist trainers don’t offer permanent results as they are designed for instant and temporary effects. With the help of a waist trainer, you can get an hourglass figure instantly but your body will return to its previous shape soon after take the waist trainer off.

The waist trainers claim to provide a slim and attractive figure, they do provide it. The longevity of such instant results is as long as the garment is wrapped around your body.

How Can You Lose Weight with a Waist Trainer?

You can lose weight with a waist trainer by wearing it daily, doing a lot of exercise and following a strict diet chart. It simply means that you cannot expect to lose weight permanently merely by wearing a waist trainer regularly.

In order to lose weight, you need to do a lot of hard work and stay consistent. According to the Waistcraze fitness guidelines, I suggest 3 simple steps for losing weight with the help of a waist trainer for women as follows.

  1. Wear It Daily
  2. Do All Exercises
  3. Eat Healthy Stuff Only

The 3 steps can help you achieve your weight loss goal faster. Now, I will explain how each step can not only motivate you to work hard but also bring realistic and permanent results.

#1. Wear It Daily

Buying a waist trainer of right size is very challenging but wearing it daily is too. Many people buy a waist trainer but don’t make it a habit and this is not how it works. You should wear it for 6 to 8 hour daily to make it familiar for you body.

You must wear your waist trainer everyday to train your waist for that. Your body should be familiar with the waist trainer so that you can feel comfortable even if the waist trainer is wrapped firmly around your waist.

#2. Do All Exercises

You should learn belly exercises, cardio exercises, strengthening exercises and all weight loss exercises. You should do all these exercises everyday and keep the waist trainer on during workout to achieve maximum results.

The waist trainers raise your core temperature to increase thermogenic activity around your midsection. As a result, you sweat 3 to 5 times more than usual during workout which will encourage you to do workout harder to lose more weight.

#3. Eat Healthy Stuff Only

Wearing a waist trainer and doing a lot of exercise are very effective when you have a controlled diet. You should consult a dietitian to get a low-fat, healthy diet plan for yourself and follow it strictly for several weeks.

You can lose weight and bring permanent changes to your body shape by wearing a waist trainer, doing workout and following a healthy diet plan.

Can You Sleep with a Waist Trainer On?

No, you cannot sleep with a waist trainer on as it is neither safe nor beneficial. Wearing a waist trainer when sleeping can only give you discomfort and pain, it can also cause breathing difficulties and digestive problems.

Final Verdict: The waist trainers are designed to give you a slimmer figure instantly. However, you have to work hard to lose weight and bring permanent changes to your body. Your waist trainer can accompany you in that process.