DJ Rebuttal Explains Why 2022 Will Be His Year

When we’re talking about quick success in the music industry, DJ Rebuttal has become a success story often brought up. Stemming out of Wisconsin, the DJ has gone from zero to thousands of fans in a matter of months. This rate of growth is why the young DJ has high hopes for his future.

In a recent interview, DJ Rebuttal touched on what made him into the DJ he is today. When talking about work ethic, he said, “Everyone has it, but not everyone taps into it. When you mix hard work with talent, there is nothing that can stop you”. This mantra is what has helped the Wisconsin native amass the following that he has so far. Continuing into the next year, DJ Rebuttal also explained that he has the winning formula and won’t be changing anytime soon. 

Moving into next year, there have been talks of a new album dropping and appearances at EDM festivals like TomorrowLand and Ultra Music Festival. Stay tuned by following DJ Rebuttal below.

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