DJ Bbeall Is Outworking Everybody In 2022 In the DJ Scene

There’s no artist in music currently outworking DJ Bbeall. His sharp wit and skill as a producer and DJ have made him a top name in the House music genre. This notoriety has gained him slots at multiple major music festivals with plans to announce a tour later this year. With labels calling around the clock, DJ Bbeall is gearing up for an incredible year in 2022.

DJ Bbeall has been producing and DJ’ing music since he was a kid. His ability to quickly adapt new styles and blend genres together has been a signature mark in making him a star in the House music scene. His latest release, “Adventure” lives up to the title and takes listeners on a journey through fields of synths and drums. With notable releases like the aforementioned or his debut EP “Moonlight”, his catalog as an artist is growing into a legendary body of work. If DJ Bbeall continues to release at this rates, there’s no question of him becoming an illustrious name in electronic music.

Listen to DJ Bbeall’s latest EP “Moonlight” here and get ready for new music from the EDM producer.

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