Dima Yavorskyy Releases New Single “Blessed”

Dima Yavorskyy is an artist and songwriter from Chicago, IL. Although the 22-year-old creative took off in his music career with his single 2021, “Maze,” he was already known on social media for viral content. Since his music debut, his performance style continues to attract listeners across the world. The artist’s involvement in the production process speaks for itself through powerful storytelling in his mixes.

His distinct sound is also evident in his latest single “Blessed.” In the track, Dima uses his artistic integrity to portray the message of being blessed with the simple things in life such as waking up everyday and having the ability to make choices. He also touches on the importance of staying focused despite the unnecessary noise coming from haters. The instrumental produced by his beatmaker alongside Dima’s unique vocal enunciation oozes a soulful melody and rhythm that makes the track one of a kind in the modern music space.

As the young artist continues driving plays to his music profiles, his single “Blessed” is already available on all streaming platforms including Spotify and Youtube.