Dijellza Ajdini collaborates with Paige Neimann and Johnny Valentine for her upcoming song

Dijellza Ajdini is soon coming up with her brand-new single “Pink Jacket” featuring Johnny Valentine and Paige Neimann. The song will be released on the 10th of May, 2021, and is expected to be a bigger hit than Ajdini’s previous songs. 

Ajdini’s upcoming romantic single revolves around a young schoolgirl who falls in love with a boy in Pink Jacket. That’s where the chase of a lover begins and ends up making a love potion. The love potion supposedly has the power to make the boy in love with her, but does the love potion ever reach the boy? Or is the love potion really a love potion? The upcoming song says it all. The song is based on the backdrop of school life and will take you back to the school days and the first crush memories. 

This will be the second time Dijellza Ajdini and Johnny Valentine will be seen together. The new addition to the song is Paige Neimann. Paige Neimann is also known by the name of Ariana Grande look-alike. She gained popularity on TikTok where would make and upload videos dressed up like Ariana Grande and the resemblance between the two faces is astonishingly similar. 

With the release and success of her previous songs, “Nasty” and “Rose Petals on the floor” Ajdini is thrilled about the upcoming song. Along with the song, Dijellza Ajdini is debuting in the world of EP. Her EP, “Butterflies” will have five songs and is ready to be released a week later after the release of her latest song on 17th of May, 2021. 

Dijellza has been into music since 2017 which is when she released her first single “With you”. What sets her music apart from others is the combination of R&B and Pop that’s what has made her audience connect with her. She tries to make music that is uncommon and vibes with her audience at the same time. 

Tough and weird times in her life shifted her into music, it’s been four years and there is no looking back. She draws her inspiration and motivation from Selena Gomez. She has been following Selena Gomez ever since she was five years old and wishes to collaborate with her one day.