Diamonds Rings: An In-Depth Look at Their Quality and Value

The exchange of diamond rings has long been an indication of love and fealty. The permanence of diamonds and their durability adds to the glamour and meaningfulness of that exchange. Thanks to the amazing natural and lab-grown diamonds available from Rare Carat and the design options available right on their website, you can design a ring for yourself or with your partner for an even deeper meaning.

Step 1: Choose Your Stone

For generations, choosing a diamond was impacted by chance. If you wanted a 3 carat diamond, you had to hope that someone could mine one and that the cutting, shaping, and polishing left you with 3 carats to enjoy. Within such a sizable stone, there may have been flaws or cloudiness.

Now someone in the market for a 3 carat diamond can choose a lab grown gem. This stone will be free of flaws, shaped and cut beautifully to great sparkle and flash, and approximately 1/4 of the cost. Larger diamonds are naturally going to cost more, but those looking for diamonds larger than 1 carat will be thrilled with the price difference.

Even if your intended design features a smaller gem, you can still save on your diamond rings. When comparing a 1 carat lab grown diamond cost to that of a natural diamond, the sparkly and very popular round cut can still be purchased at just half the price of a naturally formed diamond. A lab grown diamond 2 carat price is 1/4 the cost of a mined diamond.

Not only can you get clear and beautiful stones for much less money, but you can also be sure that your diamond has no ties to the blood diamond industry. While modern mining practices include regulations that do not allow the injustices formerly tied to diamond mining, lab-grown diamonds are free from the risk associated with antique stones and settings.

Step 2: Choose Your Shape

The 4 Cs of diamond classifications include the cut, color, clarity, and carat. Carat obviously refers to size. Cut relates to the number of facets on the top of the gem. Designs for cuts can include many facets, which add to the sparkle of the gem, or just a few facets, which will allow a look into both the color of the gem and the clarity of the stone.

If the person receiving the ring has very long fingers, a marquise or oval cut may be ideal. Someone with smaller hands may be happier with a sparkly round or square princess cut. If the recipient is fond of antiques, a cushion cut or an Asscher stone shape may be ideal.

It’s also a good idea to consider daily use when choosing the right stone for a wedding or an engagement ring. A 3-carat diamond ring with a high profile may not be the best choice for someone who works with their hands all day. Before you make your final decision on carat and cut, consider how the ring may impact your daily activities. A single large stone with few facets may be the easiest one to manage.

For those who need to avoid a large stone or a ring with a high profile, it may make more sense to spread out your diamond purchase. For example, you may choose to pair a diamond engagement ring with a simple metal band, then invest in other diamond jewelry to create an enhanced set that you can enjoy on special occasions. Whether you choose a single large-carat stone or combine several smaller stones to build up to a carat, you can certainly enjoy beautiful diamonds in many different pieces.

Step 3: Choose Your Metal

Diamonds are generally quite clear and offer more sparkle than flash. Depending on your favorite jewelry metals, it may make more sense to simply match what you currently wear. If you wear a lot of silver, a white gold or platinum band may be the best choice for your ring design. If you generally don’t wear rings but are designing a wedding ring set with your partner that you will wear every day, a matte band may be the best choice.

No matter what diamond size or cut you choose, you can be sure of top-quality stones from Rare Carat. This business has received stellar rankings of 4.9 out of 5 on Google Business and high rankings on Trustpilot. Design your rings in confidence.