Diamond Color vs Clarity: Which Matters More, Anyway?

No one can dispute just how intriguing diamonds are. In spite of that, it can be tough to figure out which component of a diamond matters the most. Some people argue in favour of the color of a diamond. Other people argue in favour of the clarity level of a diamond. It can be difficult to decide which is paramount. If you want to become a genuine diamond aficionado, it may be in your best interests to learn exactly what makes a gemstone a superstar of sorts.

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Color and Clarity: The Eternal Diamond Battle

Shopping for a diamond can be a tough task for anyone who lacks significant experience. The reality is that both color and clarity affect the way a diamond looks. That much is certain to all. Many people state that color and clarity are equally critical components. They indicate that neither component is a bigger deal. They in many cases say that people should strive to pinpoint the optimal color and clarity equilibrium levels for their finances and tastes. Color describes the tint of a gemstone. Clarity is a different story. Clarity analyzes the flaws that are part of gemstones. The majority of individuals work hard to pick diamonds that look white in color. They work hard to pick diamonds that are totally devoid of inclusions that they can see easily, too. If you take the time to select a diamond that looks white and that’s devoid of conspicuous inclusions, you may have the guarantee of strong value and aesthetics.

The clarity of a diamond determines its appeal in the visual realm. The same thing applies to the color of a diamond. If you want to simplify your diamond shopping quest in a big way, it may help you greatly to restrict yourself to diamonds that fall under the excellent or ideal cut umbrellas. The cut of a diamond at the end of the day matters more than both color or clarity. This is especially true as far as brilliance goes. You should look into ideal or excellent cut choices exclusively prior to evaluating clarity or color matters.

It may be a wonderful idea to exclusively shop for diamonds that possess GIA certification. If you do this, you may spare yourself a lot of heartache and stress that you simply do not need or want.

It can be beneficial to concentrate on clarity matters in the beginning. You can do this by picking a diamond that’s classified as being “eye-clean.” Don’t ever forget that you do not have to pay an arm and a leg for the greatest diamond on the planet. You should take the time to select a gemstone that doesn’t have any inclusions that are visible to you.

Shapes of diamonds do not always highlight inclusions in identical manners. It’s vital to make sure you grasp that before doing anything at all. There are specific shapes that have the ability to conceal inclusions much more effectively. Certain shapes just aren’t able to conceal them in convincing ways.

It can be intelligent to steer clear of any and all diamonds that look yellowish in hue. If you make a point to assess the diamond color and clarity matters like a champion, you may make yourself a lot less susceptible to significant or lasting regrets.