DhakaJoy Founder Hanif Ahmed Success Story

Hanif Ahmed was born on January 01, 1980, in Comilla, Bangladesh. He is a Bangladeshi Entrepreneur. He works in the Digital Marketing & eCommerce space.

Hanif Ahmed is the Founder of Dhakajoy. DhakaJoy is the new ecommerce store based out of Bangladesh which is getting popular due to its good customer service. Everybody is now discussing about Dhakajoy and they are so impressed by the service that they want to order more and more things from this brand new setup.

COVID-19 has hit hard across the globe. People are losing jobs and we can actually see the humanity in people during these tough times. Our frontline workers are working tirelessly to save us and then there are people who are helping us by delivering our requested items safely. With that being said Hanif Ahmed’s Dhakajoy is one of the eCommerce start-ups which is not only garnering profit but has emerged as a hero in these tough times. Here are the 5 reasons why Dhakajoy is a successful start-up in just 6 months.

Delivering quality products in time:

People who have ordered from Dhakajoy are very satisfied with how they deal with a customer. They have all the help a customer require to successfully book a product. Even if you are not that tech-savvy and does not know to operate then also it does not matter much as they have dedicated personnel for you who will help you out to conduct the ordering of the product.

Huge availability of stocks of essential products:

Anything which is not available easily and is in demand can be purchased from them in the same price as that of the Market rate. They are legal distributors of the product you see and thus you can order any product with your required quantity, unlike other eCommerce stores where there is a limitation. Since it is a multi-product shop you will get Bikes, smartphones, Air Conditioners, Home Appliances, Baby products, groceries, healthcare, and other essential items.

Easy payment processes:

You can use the cash on the Delivery method or you can also go for the online payment methods like bKash, VISA, MasterCard, Amex card, Nexus pay, and Bank Deposit. Once you have placed the order they will deliver the order to your doorstep promptly. They operate with low delivery charges and are always ready to provide the best services possible.

Hanif Ahmed’s Dhakajoy is based out of Bangladesh. The products found in this eCommerce store are that of products often purchased by the people of Bangladesh.