Devin Millar released teenage spirit-filled songs ‘Daddy’ and ‘Blush’

For the last 2 months, there is a buzz about the new music videos from Devin Millar, a cartoonist, singer, and songwriter who is known for not conforming to gender norms. He also has a taste for Eurodance combined with the modern sounds of EDM. He has released two music videos featuring new characters and a new storyline in his animated universe. He has created charting songs such as “Hoody” and “BFD” and continues to be known on social media for this gimmick. 

In ‘Daddy’ It tells us the story of a teenage girl named Millicent, who strikes up a relationship with her school principal after he saves her from school bullies. She completes her test, graduates high school, and college moves. 

‘Daddy’ premiered on Spotify on June 1, 2022, and its video was released on November 28 that year onto Devin’s YouTube channel. The results have been tremendous with views racking up every day. 

In ‘Blush’ she enjoys her life at college and studies hard. She also has a group of friends who plan a party. When she arrives, her principal is there, she dances a huge routine, and she and her principal share a loving moment before everyone’s eyes return to normal from the white shape they once had. This song became even more famous than “Daddy” with memes and remixes also being created by fans. 

‘Blush’ premiered on Spotify on June 6, 2022, and its video was released on January 22, 2023, on YouTube.

While Jack does return in ‘Blush’, we can see he only appears two times throughout the video to shift the focus to Millicent. It seems she is becoming a secondary mascot for the music and the Devin Millar brand, and we can only hope to see more of her and Frank in the future