Devin Millar and his life as a famous music producer

As all know him, Devin is a singer, music producer, and animator who creates cartoon music videos to go with his music and loves to crossdress with childish attire. Many don’t know his life as he tends to keep it private and wishes people should know him for his acts of kindness and less his personal life.

Yes, you guess it. That is Devin Millar.

He was born near Portland, Oregon and grew up with his mom, dad, and younger sister. He has grown up all around all kinds of people, especially around children and this has brought him to do charity events from time to time.

“I just love people. Inspiring others is what I do.”

After spending his early childhood at the local private school, The Gardener School of Arts and Sciences. After four years he became homeschooled for 6 years of his life. Due to a lack of social interaction, he returned to high school and attended River HomeLink for high school. He began with the release of “Battery” as well as a music video for it, which is of him on Venice Beach, and it got better from there.

“This school was the beginning of my career. I’ll never forget it.”

Devin has admitted his mental health and inspiration came from being in the school system, and despite its flaws, has helped him become the fun-loving powerhouse he is now.

“I used to be this outsider and felt left out. Sure school is technically a waste of time, but being forced to go to work or school truly creates a person. I feel better and more active than before I went.”

After releasing “Fedora” in 2015 and becoming a social media and YouTube giant, he performed the song at his school talent show and quit school to be with Voodoo Doughnut Recordings. “I’m a Celebrity” was his first EP, and his first album, “Delinquents” was released a year later. His song “Adolescence” was used in the Hulu series “Shut Eye” that same year. Things were going well with him, and he and his family became best friends with the Voodoo Doughnut crew.

“This school talent show is a crowning achievement even to this day. Who knew this particular thing would turn me into a superstar! I’m just so grateful that it happened.”

He returned with a great big new look in 2018 with a remake of “Fedora” with magical singing. Devin then began animating music videos and became a virtual cartoon star with his mascot, Jack. Portrayed as a flamboyant teenage boy who interacts with his friends and spreads positive messages in the same way a 1990s cartoon would. Devin would use this theme in all of his newer music from now on.

On crossdressing, Devin says he always did it as a kid and continues to do so to this day. Devin and his family have parties and Devin goes all out on his outfits and theme he plans. Both boy and girl clothes he sports for different occasions. He also spends time out and about wearing the same clothes he performs in at his shows.

Breaking out of the one-hit wonder status from “Fedora”, he bounced back with his songs “Hoody”, and “BFD.” These became part of the library of his most-known songs, and have charted and circulated on radio stations across the globe. His mission seems to be meeting fruition. These are major hits this year, and last year. Internet memes and circulating YouTube and TikTok using clips of the videos, plus dance challenges of them are trending. He took off even more thanks to these songs.

This is Devin Millar’s self-proclaimed life motto.

“Force yourself to do it. That’s the secret sauce. Nothing will work if you’re comfortable. Suffering always comes first.”