Desire to be better and consistent is what defines a true artist – Reem

Reem Davis, a promising young rapper from the United States of America is all set to make his way in the world of modern music. An exceptional drill beat rapper released his first song ‘Ouu Baby’ which received a lot of love and support from his audiences and he is now all set to make it big. 

What gives an artist growing in the world of music is his passion, so is the case of Reem Davis. Davis is so much into music that he eats, sleeps and dreams music. The desire to be better and consistent with music’s what defines a true artist and that’s what Davis believes in. 

The story of Reem Davis’ journey into music is quite strange. He never realised until he was told that he has a knack for music that he should give it a shot. Davis has been unstoppable since and has one track mind to become the biggest rapper. 

Reem Davis most favourite artists from whom he derives inspiration from are Meek Mill, No Cap, Polo G, Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel. Davis’s dream is to collaborate with Lil Baby, the famous American rapper, singer and songwriter.

Reem Davis believes that the beauty of music comes when the artist is natural and being yourself. Genuinity is very rare and that’s the only thing which makes an artist relatable. Davis’s favourite form of music is Hip Hop and when it comes to being relevant and entertaining at the same time, Hip Hop does it all. 

Davis’s dedication led him to release his first Album -‘Kingsbridge The Label’. The album ‘Kingsbridge The Label’ was released this year in January and has a total of 10 songs – Our Baby, Blues, Free Six, Foreigns, Ride or What, Get Back, Smoove N, No Cap, John Wall#1, Dangerous. The songs are available on his YouTube channel – ‘Reem Topic’. 

The journey of becoming a successful artist is certainly not an easy one. Reem Davis too had to face problems and roadblocks in his journey. Problems of copyrights and impatience sometimes become a major problem. Davis during this time learnt how to make these difficulties work in favour. 

Reem Davis believes that being determined in front of these life challenges, being open to constructive criticism and being open-minded is the way towards success. This is the message Davis gives to newcomers and struggling music artists.